During the Spring of 2018, I had the chance to intern with the non-profit organization Nove Onlus. From the first interview, I knew that the tasks I was going to carry out were very closely related to my course of study in International Relations. Nove Onlus is a non-profit organization which assists people in need around Italy and Afghanistan. All of this is possible thanks to the few people who work there every day and really believe in its cause.

While I was doing my internship there, I could see the passion that all of these people put in what they do, and I tried to do the same. My job mainly consisted in organizing events for the organization, one for its anniversary, and another one to support and share one of the projects that they are carrying out in Afghanistan. This project’s name is the Female Taxi Service and in honor of it we named the event the Pink Taxi Project. I also had the chance to volunteer in a school in Rome to help a few young immigrants now living in this beautiful city. We worked on their computer skills, in order for them to complete the European Computer Driving License.

The part I liked the most was the organization and planning of the event that took place in the garden of The American University of Rome and its aftermath. I had the chance to try out the lifestyle of a real event planner and I was lucky enough to find as many people as I needed to get help for every aspect of the organization. The bake sale was a great success and we managed to raise money for the project in Afghanistan. This project is very important for the organization due to the fact that it tries to empower women in a country where they still have many restrictions, giving them the opportunity to do something for the entire community: drive a taxi.

Overall, this internship was a great opportunity for me, I had the chance to apply some of the knowledge from my classes and I was also able to see how it is possible to help a lot even with a little. I felt very satisfied with my work and my bosses were too!   

- Isotta Paola Cianfarini