The three artists discuss the relationship between man and nature, highlighting aspects such as fragility, conservation, transcendence, reality and illusion in a succession of intimate dimensions that cover past and present. 

Professor Marina Buening (Fine Arts) works with natural materials that are always very different: for this project, she has created a mini installation of transparent boxes that take shape from strange shells, pungent and thorny (in German 'stachelig'). Behind them are pencil drawings and dry-point etchings. The artist gives life to micro-worlds, metaphors of the varied and multiple realities in which each of us is immersed: each box is a life, real and concrete or of the spirit.  

Lucy Clink presents a series of black and white photographs: inspired by the typical elements of the pictorial tradition such as still life, landscape, and portrait, which in this project take on a new life and essence while maintaining a strong link with the realities of a bygone era. 

Anita Guerra explores her intimate connection with the natural sphere by presenting oil on copper: copper is a material that has the double connotation of being both rigid and malleable; it is present in, and is essential for the well-being of, our bodies, it is a conductor of electricity, it transforms on contact with the other elements and melts easily. In Cuba, the artist's country of origin, copper is often associated with wealth, but also with the exploitation of the period of slavery and the spiritual world linked to the cult of Cuba's patron saint, Our Lady of Charity. Pink-orange in color, copper has a warm light and the oil colors glide gently over the glittering surface: Anita polishes it, scratches it, oxidizes it and shapes it.

Marina Buening, born in Northern Germany, first studied and worked in an economic field, and then deepened her studies in the field of art and sculpture in Germany. She has participated in several exhibitions in Italy, Germany, and the USA, both collective and personal. She currently teaches at The American University of Rome on the Fine Art program.  

Lucy Clink lives and works in Rome; she obtained an MFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and a B.F.F.A from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va. She has been the protagonist of numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and in the United States.

Anita Guerra, born in Cuba, has lived and worked in Rome since 1977. She has participated in several exhibitions both in Italy and on the American continent, and in particular has taken part in the project "C.A.F.E.", an itinerant group of Cuban artists founded by Leandro Soto.  


Looking at the trees gazing at the sky
Marina Buening , Lucy Clink, and Anita Guerra 
Critical text by Roberta Melasecca

12 November through 26 November 2019
St Stephen's Cultural Center
Via Aventina 1 - Viale Aventino 17 | Rome

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