When thinking of Italian luxury fashion and designers, one might immediately imagine Via Condotti in Rome. But what if I tell you that there is more to be desired? That there is, in fact, Castel Romano, Rome’s greatest Designer Outlet.

Professor Anna Sasso’s Global Fashion Marketing class personally experienced the exciting world of fashion by visiting the outlet. The students had the chance to take a look behind the scenes and acquire a deeper knowledge of the industry by talking with managers and sales associates of several designer stores on-site, including Burberry, Etro, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Missoni.

Burberry addressed the brand’s history and its impressive heritage. The brand revolves around its core values – to be creatively driven, proud of its heritage, open and caring, and forward-thinking. Their success began with the invention of a breathable and weatherproof fabric, called gabardine, that revolutionized rainwear. The well-known Burberry trench coat evolved from functional military wear during World War I to their worldwide renowned signature piece. To the luxury brand’s famous check, they recently added a monogram pattern, the Thomas Burberry monogram TB, which celebrates the heritage of the British luxury fashion house.



After inspecting Etro’s creative fashion pieces, known for their Paisley signature design on rich textiles inspired by Silk-road travels, the Pegasus logo, as well as refined prints; the Etro brand trainer, who was visiting from Milano, talked to the students about the importance and value of the staff for their brand. Employees are constantly educated and trained on the latest trends as well as developments in the fashion industry, with particular attention to the company’s macroenvironmental influences.

Salvatore Ferragamo captivated with their comfortable leather shoes. The founder and name giver of the brand applied for a patent of the specially designed wedge heel, after studying the anatomy of the foot. Ferragamo’s shop assistant gave a passionate overview of their most exclusive segment in men’s footwear, the Tramezza, and the technique and craftsmanship behind it.

The brand Missoni is recognizable by their sophisticated patterns, such as the iconic flame print or zigzag. The sales personnel mentioned the luxury brand’s focus on naturalness and sustainability as indispensable part of their identity. Therefore, they convince with their youthful and colorful fabrics for which they only use natural dies. With Angela Missoni as creative director, the family-run brand stands out by closely studying the color combinations used to avoid clashing within their final fashion pieces.



Following a conversation with a reseller of luxury goods, in which the importance of building connections with fashion brands and relationships with one’s customer base was emphasized, the students had the possibility to stroll around individually.

In the luxury fashion industry, there is an upcoming change to a younger generation with different needs and wants. Especially due to the shifting world of gender fluidity and in which everything is considered fashion, all the brands highlighted the necessity to adapt to the new market and its prospective consumers. Therefore, the luxury companies further invest in their staff’s training in order to ensure their competitive advantage and brand reputation.

Not only did the field trip create the opportunity to enter the dreamy and glamourous world of luxury fashion, but it additionally resulted in a deeper understanding of fashion marketing and its purpose.