AUR students and faculty are invited to attend a conference on the boundaries of museum mediation taking place in Florence November 16-17, 2017.  The International symposium focuses both on the relationships between museums and audiences, and on the professional skills of museum mediators. The 21st century museums are fully open to society, they are landmarks of travels and places one can experience in our own cities. Cultural institutions are asked more and more frequently to promote a fruitful dialogue between heritage and publics. As a result of that, it becomes crucial to specify what skills are needed to facilitate such a delicate and complex relationship. Moreover, museum professionals should reflect on issues, methodologies, and purposes involved in this field. The symposium aims to offer an opportunity of training and sharing for museum professionals, guides, experts, and researchers by opening a window on the boundaries and potentialities of mediation in museums.

You can find full details in the event program here.

Participation is free.
Registration for each day, including the option of the guided tours, is mandatory.
Deadline for registration: 12nd November 2012

To register email