Microsoft security and IT executive Diane Boettcher visited AUR recently, leading a lively and well-attended webinar on “Becoming a LinkedIn Champion.” 

Diane Boettcher

Diane was invited to share her expertise as a recruiter and as a LinkedIn maven by Professor Kathleen Fitzsimmons, Director of AUR's Business program, who met Diane when they were both members of the National Council of Girl Scouts of the USA. Diane has a 30-year career in the military focusing on security, strategic development, operations, and personnel readiness and joined Microsoft five years ago to focus on information technology, change management, and leadership.

Diane talked about the importance of the LinkedIn digital platform as one of the options for performing job searches and LinkedIn's design as a networking tool alongside the role that networking can play in career development. She explained the major differences between LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms while continually emphasizing the capabilities and tools that the system puts at the user's disposal for job seeking and for nurturing professional connections. She was also able, through her knowledge of user behavior within the system, to give some amazing insider advice on how to create a professional profile that will engage and attract potential employers.

Diane went on to provide concrete examples of how to construct one’s network, ask for recommendations, provide recommendations for others, and capitalize on the extended network of your connections. She also walked the group through the array of LinkedIn learning tools & resources, a particular area of the platform that the development team is concentrating on enhancing.

The Business program would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Diane for taking the time to share her experience and knowledge with our students - especially the Seniors, those taking their first steps into the professional workplace, for whom this workshop will prove invaluable.