Traveling around the world to some of the most iconic sites from history, UNEARTHED combines scientific investigations and expert insight with stunning CGI animation to unearth the hidden secrets behind these famed monuments and reveal how and why they were created.

The popular archaeology documentary series ‘Unearthed’ returned to Discovery Science channel for its fifth series on Sunday, November 15th. The first program focused on the Pantheon in Rome, and Professor Valerie Higgins features in the episode, divulging her expert knowledge. The ‘Unearthed’ series looks at new archaeological discoveries around the world and the episode on the Pantheon includes sections on the sinkhole which opened up in Piazza della Rotunda during lockdown in the spring and the Hadrianic buildings that have been uncovered in Piazza Venezia as a result of excavations for the metro.

Filming took place in August 2020 and was not without its challenges. Temperatures were in the high 30s and the filming schedule was reduced by two days due to the disruptions caused by Covid.  

European screenings are scheduled for the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled if you are in Europe!