Rome is the common thread that unites each of our contributors. It is the place we all call home, whether it be a temporary one or a permanent one. It is a city filled with both endless inspiration and frustration, and many of the pieces in this edition of REMUS reflect just that.


In addition to Roman reflections, many of our writers share sensitive, family-centered stories, tackle the theme of religion, and grapple with the past through a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and screenplay.


Several of this year’s pieces are written by graduating seniors, each of whom has demonstrated growth in their craft since their first features in REMUS. They transport us to Rome’s bustling Sunday street market, where a clash of cultures and generations face a hectic environment, and to the back of a taxi, where a former couple explores their complicated dynamic against the backdrop of a wedding.


Our fine arts and digital media contributors bring a diverse range of mediums to this year’s edition, including painting, illustration, printmaking, expressive black-and-white photography, and graphic design. This collection showcases everything from a lost city cat to urban landscapes, along with an abstract series of linocut prints and a variety of Rome-inspired works that emphasize the essence of this year’s prose and poetry.


While each work of art is different in technique and theme, they each reflect the immense creative talent present at The American University of Rome.


With that, we are proud to present to you the fifteenth edition of REMUS.


The Editors - Josephine Dlugosz and Nalu Gruschkus