“How sales and its skills will help you succeed in marketing and business”
By Betelihem Mezgebe, Student Assistant to Business Program

"Elen Ustun, AUR’s very own, had an intriguing presentation where she shared her do’s and don’ts on sales and marketing. Her compelling presentation included her personal experience at Johnson & Johnson and other companies where she worked. From her inspirational stories to organizational notions, the Assistant Director of EMEA for Align Technology made sure that students of AUR left with an improved understanding of the world of sales and marketing. Uniquely, she focused on realistic preparation for life after college or internships- which is something that most students struggle with once they get closer to graduation. The concepts of the Push vs Pull strategy, Horizontal and level-based structure of high-end companies and Principles of Marketing were also noticeably covered in Elen’s discussion at the auditorium.

"The AUR auditorium was filled with students that were eager to learn and engage in activities like the cube exercise at the beginning of the presentation. Students found Elen’s story-based explanation about creating the opportunity for yourself- among many others- insightful and useful. The friendly, back and forth conversations with Elen were good additives to the collective mood of the room. We look forward to learning more about Elen’s experiences and wisdom that she is willing to share with us."