We are delighted to announce a scholarship opportunity for the summer 2021 course ‘Introduction to Italian Culture and Food’. This opportunity, which has been made possible thanks to the Italian Embassy in Washington and EduItalia, is open to high school students who have obtained a score of 5 in the Italian AP exam.

‘Introduction to Italian Culture and Food’ will focus on the social and cultural aspects of food and eating in different geographical areas with a special emphasis on Italy and its history. The course will be taught through a variety of readings, class discussions and presentations and there will also be some practical experiences. The course will be taught as part of our Summer II session which will take place in July 2021. 

Included in the scholarship are:

  • Registration as a non-matriculated student (transcript with grades and credit will be issued upon the end of the session)
  • Free tuition for the course Introduction to Italian Culture and Food (ITL212)
  • Accommodation in shared room (with other AUR students) within fully furnished AUR apartment for the course duration (meals not included)
  • Registration to one additional course on the Summer II session at the reduced tuition fee of $1,000.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be aged 18 or over and have achieved a score of 5 in the Italian AP exam. 

The successful candidate is strongly encouraged to take advantage of the discounted rate for an additional course, thereby accumulating a total of six transferable credits towards their Bachelor degree, as well as demonstrating their academic commitment. 

Course Learning Objectives 

At the end of the course, students will be able to: 

  • demonstrate knowledge of essential elements of contemporary Italian culture and society related to the topic of food using the historical and cultural studies frameworks
  • compare and contrast one’s own cultural values with those of Italian culture. 
  • critically analyze a cultural item, identifying key issues and themes, style and form 
  • demonstrate information literacy skills that would enable them to conduct good quality bibliographical research, consult academic electronic sources and master citation techniques with competence and in accordance to anti‐plagiarism standards and regulations 
  • demonstrate written and oral communication skills with suitable accuracy and confidence 

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