Many students choose to begin their MA studies at AUR in the spring rather than the fall, and there can be significant benefits to making that choice.

  1. Flexibility: Starting in the spring gives some students flexibility in their academic and personal journeys. Individual or professional commitments often make it challenging to start in the fall, so AUR offers the spring enrollment period as an alternative. 
  2. Preparation & confidence: A master’s degree is a significant commitment. Having the extra time to research a subject (and a college!) can give students the confidence that they have made the correct decision – or to change their minds and seek an alternative.
  3. Enrolling into an established community: The majority of AUR's master's students enroll in the fall. By starting in the spring, students join a community that has already overcome the challenges of living in a new city and country – and are eager to share those lessons with newcomers. As AUR's overall master's intake is small, making new friends is easy and spring students are integrated directly into class & campus life.
  4. Increased admission opportunities: The spring intake offers additional admission opportunities, as some programs may have fewer applicants. If you missed the fall application deadline or were not accepted, starting in the spring presents a second chance to pursue your desired program.
  5. Internships & career-related job opportunities: Many of AUR's spring entrants utilize the fall semester to engage in internships or part-time jobs related to their master's program. This experience provides valuable real-world exposure that enhances future studies.
  6. It’s a great time to eat…: While you should (probably) never base your major life decisions around food… January sees violet artichokes, beetroot, cavalo nero, celeriac, Jerusalem artichokes, and other fantastic winter vegetables on the menu. February sees the Carciofi Romaneschi (artichokes) coming into full force alongside cardoon, kale, leek, lettuce, salsify, and truffles; there are some amazing truffle festivals through the provinces north of Lazio; over the weekend at the end of February, you can sample the iconic black truffles, local breads, and cheese, wines, and the IGP prosciutto (ham) of Norcia. As we said, perhaps not a consideration to base your critical life choices on, but…

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