Does your level of English need to be higher to study with us?
Send us your official IELTS, TOELF or DUOLINGO results, if you have taken any of these exams in the last two years: otherwise, please apply to take the free AUR English test to assess your level (use the form at the foot of the page).

What is the Academic English Bridge Program at AUR?

The Academic English (AE) Bridge Program has been specifically designed for you if you meet the university requirements but require further development of your level and skills in academic English. The American University of Rome will offer you conditional acceptance to the undergraduate program of your choice if you successfully complete the AE Bridge Program.

In the Program, you will learn to use appropriate and correct English that will help you to develop the range of academic skills required for study at an English-speaking university, including:

  • speaking clearly and contributing your views and ideas in seminars and group discussions
  • listening attentively and using essential note-taking strategies in lectures
  • reading academic texts with in-depth understanding and summarizing of key points
  • presenting in class, using slideshow software as a communication aid
  • writing assignments and essays drawing on supporting evidence from sources.
  • Visiting art exhibitions and attending the English theatre in Rome

You will be encouraged to develop a critical and analytical approach to your reading of academic and specialized material, and writing of academic genres. You will simultaneously have the opportunity to apply what you learn to various ‘real-life’ when attending lectures if you have opted to take the credit-carrying course or noncredit-carrying course. You will have the opportunity to use the AUR library, go on organized excursions, take part in events, and socialize and interact with other AUR students. So, you immediately become an active member of the AUR community, and fully enjoy the unique and rewarding experience of studying at AUR. 


Can I take the AE Bridge Program if I don’t plan to study at AUR?
No. In order to be eligible for the program, you must submit an application to one of our undergraduate or graduate majors.

Can I receive credit for the AE Bridge Program?
You cannot receive credit for the Academic English Bridge Program, but if you are an undergraduate candidate, you can take one credit-carrying course, such as Photography or Statistics while on the Program.
After successful completion of the AE Bridge Program, you can continue onto your chosen major.  On matriculation, you will receive full reimbursement of the AE Bridge Program offset against tuition fees.

When is the class?
Classes meet during the 15-week Fall or Spring semesters, Monday to Thursday from 15.40 to 19.20. The daily schedule is busy, but class activities are highly varied and carefully paced.
How do I apply?
You must apply to one of our undergraduate or graduate majors before applying for the AE Bridge Program. Our admissions counselors will evaluate your application (apply here) and decide if you are eligible to attend the major without further development of English, or if you will benefit from our AE Bridge program. Alternatively, you can register for our next on-campus English test - see form at bottom of this page.
What do past students say?
Past student testimonials have shown that lessons - and learning - are stimulating and interesting. 
Where can I get more information?
You can contact Admissions at for more information concerning entry requirements, cost, and credit-carrying courses. Or Professor Jim McManus at for more information about the course content.

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