Adjunct Faculty
PhD in International Relations, Cardiff University - Cardiff, UK.
Postgraduate Diploma in Social Research Methods, University of Portsmouth - Portsmouth, UK
BA in International History, Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre - Rome, Italy; and University of Sussex - Sussex, UK


Professor Ratti's research and teaching interests lie in post-World War Two international history, specifically U.S.-European relations, NATO’s evolution, European security and defense policies, and international relations theory. Professor Ratti is author of three monographs, two edited volumes and several book chapters. His work has appeared in journals, such as The International History Review, The Journal of Transatlantic StudiesDiplomacy & Statecraft, The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, The Journal of Middle Eastern Geopolitics, and Mediterranean Politics.  He is also an Associate Professor of History of International Relations at Rome 3 University and visiting scholar at Carleton University.

His more recent publications include ‘The Anglo-American special relationship and West Germany’s Eastern policy from ‘bridge-building’ to Ostpolitik’, The International History Review (2020), ‘Reviving Flexible Response: An assessment of NATO’s Russian strategy on the Alliance’s 70th anniversary’, Journal of Slavic Military Studies (2019), ‘Italy and NATO in the 21st century: still a formidable partnership?’ in Michele Testoni (ed.), NATO and Transatlantic Relations in the 21st century: Foreign and Security Policy Perspectives (London and New York: Routledge, forthcoming in 2020) and ‘The EU’s CSDP: The Great Illusion’ in Hubert Zimmerman and Andreas Duer (eds), Key Controversies in European Integration (London and New York: Palgrave/MacMillan, forthcoming in 2020). He is currently preparing chapters for The Cambridge History of European Integration and for the Oxford Handbook on NATO