Below are detailed peripheral costs not detailed on the main Tuition and Fees page. How these apply to any particular student is dependent on personal circumstances and programs undertaken.

Other Fees $ USD € EURO
Undergraduate Cost per Credit $1,150 €875
Graduate Cost per Credit $810 €583
Audit Status (fee per course) $550 €500
Undergraduate Application Fee $50 €50
Graduate Application Fee $50 €50
Graduation Fee $120 €100
New Student Fee $230 €200
Late Registration Fee $125 €100
Transcript Fee $10 €8
Diploma Replacement Fee $50 €50
Leave of Absence Fee $150 €120
Deferral* $250 €250
Laboratory Course Fee** $80 €75
*non-refundable, in addition to enrollment deposit, deducted from tuition cost at time of enrollment
** applicable to certain courses as indicated in the course descriptions

Full time students have a variety of ways to manage paying tuition costs; please visit our Financial Aid and Scholarships section for further information on ways to pay for college.