If you’re ready for new horizons, ready to broaden both your academic and your life experience, then The American University of Rome is the perfect place to complete your degree and we invite you to apply today as a transfer applicant.

We truly value the rich variety of experiences and backgrounds that transfer students add to our student body. If you can demonstrate a willingness to integrate within a multi-cultural, multi-national environment in a new city on a new continent and a thirst to follow your academic interests in a more global context, integrated with the experience of living abroad then we would be proud to welcome you into our community.

AUR enrolls transfer students in both the January (spring) and September (fall) semesters. You are eligible to apply as a transfer student if you are a high school graduate (or equivalent) and have completed at least one semester (12 credits) at another college or university or a community college.

General policy for Transfer students

The American University of Rome determines the number of transfer credits to be accepted towards fulfilling requirements for a degree. Up to 50% of transfer credits can be applied towards a student’s major.

General guidelines are as follows:

  • A minimum of 45 credits for a bachelor degree must be earned at AUR. For an associate degree, a minimum of 30 credits must be earned at the University.
  • At least 15 credits earned at AUR must be in major-specific upper-level courses.
  • The final semester (Fall or Spring) must be completed in residence at AUR.

Transfer Credit Criteria

The American University of Rome is dedicated to providing personalized service for our transfer students. We are happy to provide an unofficial evaluation of your previously earned transfer credits. Simply email your unofficial transcript to admissions@aur.edu and the Admissions team will be in touch to schedule an individualized info session.

This will give you a chance to find out how the American University of Rome fits into your education plans before you even apply.

Grades of C or above are transferable for full academic credit.

    Students will receive equal credit compensation, provided that the courses satisfy the requirements of the major.
  • From the QUARTER SYSTEM:
    Credit will be accepted at a 3:2 ratio. A course worth 5 quarter credits is accepted as a 3 credit course. A class worth 4 quarter credits will transfer as 2.7 semester credits – advisors can decide to either group several transfer courses together as Free Electives or to couple various transfer courses to equal one or more AUR courses.

AUR reserves the right to determine what credit-bearing courses can be accepted for academic credit. The following are not eligible for transfer credit:

  • Life Learning Experience
  • Physical education, dancing, cooking classes, etc.
  • Developmental or remedial level (typically with a course code starting with 0)

 Institutions must hold regional accreditation status for credits eligible for transfer.  

Institutions must hold accreditation status and authorization relative to national policy.
All college transcripts and test examination results must be original or official copies. Foreign transcripts must be translated into certified English, but always presented with the original copy in the foreign language. Italian language documents may be accepted.

AUR may request the following in addition to grade sheets:

  • Number of contact hours
  • Review of grading policy

All universities that use ECTS will be evaluated on a 2:1 ratio with US credits. Therefore, 6 ECTS credits are equivalent to 3 AUR credits. Student homework will not be counted.

Grades of 22 (out of 30) or above are accepted for transfer credit.

For information on the application process & necessary documentation, please see our main Undergraduate Information page


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