What made you decide to study abroad?
Since I am attending an American University, I decided to study abroad as an opportunity to totally experience the American culture. I would like to experience this culture in every aspect: food, habits, city life, school, transportation (how not to get lost in those crowded subways) and main attractions.  

Where are you studying abroad and why did you choose it?
AUR collaborates with LIM College, a fashion business university in New York City. Thanks to the link with LIM, AUR students get the opportunity to study in NYC for a semester. I decided to apply for LIM because studying fashion business has always been a dream of mine, and because I would like to work in this industry in the future. I thought that studying at a university located in NYC, the most famous fashion city, could represent a great chance to understand how the industry works. 
How does the experience compare to AUR so far?
The focus of LIM College is fashion, so every class is centered around it. However, while the subjects of the classes at LIM differ slightly from what I have been studying at AUR, the structure of the classes is similar. The experience at LIM is different because you have NYC as a background, which really motivates you to be curious, to explore, and to create new things. 

In what way has the study abroad experience met your expectations so far?
I think that this study abroad experience so far has surpassed my expectations because I managed to do so many things (the majority of which I had never done before) in so little time. I surprise myself at how productive I am beyond my university assignments. I have experienced the culture in depth and I am actually reaching some of my personal goals throughout this journey.

What is the best thing about New York City?
I cannot pick the best thing about NYC because I love every angle of it! It’s difficult to decide because everything you do in the city becomes wonderful just for the background against which it takes place. 

What do you miss the most about Rome/AUR?
I miss Rome because I love the city and it represents home to me (since I have been living there for three years now). I miss many aspects of Rome, including its food, art and amazing hidden spots where I used to go with my friends. Indeed, I miss AUR because it represents my everyday routine and it is a meeting point with my friends. I miss resting in the garden and enjoying the warm weather while studying outside. 

Has the study abroad experience given you any new insight onto your major?
Studying at LIM College has given me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of business from a fashion perspective. I have learnt how to use many tools that will be useful in my future career, regardless of the industry that I end up working in. I have discovered many potential careers that I did not know about before, and I have gotten a lot of insight into leadership and teamwork through team projects. Living in NYC has given me the opportunity to approach life differently, to adapt to different situations, and to be more motivated in achieving my goals, both personal and academic.