We're looking ahead to Summer 2021 - a summer without the pandemic (fingers-crossed) and full of opportunities to immerse yourself in the history, culture, food, and travel opportunities that Rome and Italy offer.

The American University of Rome has lined up an amazing array of opportunities for studying abroad in Summer 2021. Students can choose to select individual four-week, 3-credit courses from our extensive summer catalog or they can join one of our specialized, intensive, and fully immersive Summer Academies that focus on Archaeology, Fine Arts & Art History, the Italian Fashion Industry, and Peace Studies through the history of conflict in Rome.

All of our summer study abroad programs focus on experiential learning. While you will spend a percentage of your time in the classroom, each course makes use of Rome, and in many cases further afield in Italy, as an extension of the classroom and features on-site, hands-on learning.

The AUR Rome study abroad experience is available throughout late May, June, and July and, to maximise opportunities for personal exploration and development, the academic week is four days long (Monday to Thursday) allowing students three-day blocks of free time to travel within Italy or to explore other European destinations.

Join global scholars from around the world in Rome in Summer 21.


Study Abroad Summer 2021 Calendar

Summer I: 27 May - 24 June 2021
Summer II: 2 July - 29 July 2021

For a full breakdown of the study abroad summer schedule, please see our Academic Calendar.




Your Summer Studying Abroad in Rome - Programs & Courses

You can view the complete Summer catalogs sing the links below or read on for information aout our exclusive, 7-credit immersive Summer Academies.


View our Summer I Study Abroad Catalog       View our Summer II Study Abroad Catalog





AUR's 2021 Summer Academies
Full immersive, specialized, 7-credit summer study abroad programs in Italy.

AUR Summer Academies are designed to take your learning outside the classroom and into the real-world. You can expect to spend around 50% of your time on campus, engaged in individual & group project work, and 50% of your time traveling throughout Rome and Italy on subject-specific study trips and visits to relevant museums, galleries, workshops, companies or organizations.

Each of this year's academies have arranged exclusive study & research trips to venues that you would never be able to visit as a member of the public. These include one or more of the following:

  • Milan Fashion houses
  • Italian Designers' studios
  • Immersive agritourismo weekend
  • Italian Sustainable Food venue tour
  • Prestigious archaeological excavations

And these are just the study trips, there are also a selection of social & cultural trips arranged by our Student Life team that will allow you to explore more of Italy (and sample the food, the wine, and the local shopping options).