Dr. Katja Munoz (’05), Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Currently, we see a significant increase in AI-generated content online. Experts worry about its impact on the information environment.

Which kind of AI-based FIMI activities are currently observed?

What does Generative-AI's increased quantity, quality, and personalization mean for tackling FIMI?

Importantly, what are the use cases of AI for tackling FIMI?

These are some of the questions this talk aims to explore.

Dr. Katja Munoz: "I left Germany seeking a new academic adventure and enrolled in AUR. Initially drawn to majoring in communication, a spontaneous decision led me to opt for international relations, and I haven’t looked back.
Since then, it has been straight down the crooked line in my academic pursuits, personal growth, and living in Berlin."

Now a research fellow at the DGAP Center for Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Technology, Dr. Katja Muñoz delves into the intricate interplay between social media and politics. Her expertise lies in understanding the mobilization potential of social media influencers, the dynamics of disinformation, and platform regulation. Her research also encompasses the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and democracy, with a particular focus on emerging AI trends that reshape online information integrity. She holds a special interest in mapping and monitoring AI’s impact on the electoral process, including campaigning, voter sentiment analysis, and governance systems.

Before her current role, Muñoz served as a scientific consultant at the nexus of technology and politics, providing insights into contemporary events and contextualizing them to enhance the accessibility of digital policy. Her work focused on the risks and potential of emerging technologies, early warning systems, and predictive intelligence and the interplay between democracy and digital politics. 

For those unable to attend in person, this event will be broadcast via Zoom here.

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