This is a hybrid event. If you are able, we encourage you to attend in person for the best experience. If you are unable to attend in person, we will live stream the event for your convenience and access. Link at the foot of this page.

Applying a gender-responsive (and even more so, a gender-transformative) lens to our communications and daily practices, both personal and professional, is a process for which there is a learning curve. After decades of scholarship on food and gender, and of feminist activism in the field of development, most institutions and policymakers still have to be constantly reminded of the need for gender analysis in their work.

Based on different strands of research in food cultures and food systems, Marzia Mauriello, Valentina Peveri, Chiara Perelli (Faculty of the Master's Program in Food Studies), and Gaia Cottino (Genova University) will host a conversation on how a gendered vocabulary, perspective, and line of action makes a qualitative difference in tackling the need to preserve and protect life spaces in food choices, as well as to debunk complex and contextual exclusions and inequalities.

The conversation will start with reflections on food habits and cultures from a gender perspective. The recent issue “Feeding Genders”, edited by Marzia and Gaia and published in the journal Anthropology of Food (, highlights how reasoning on “food and gender” gives the chance to explore the links between culinary practices and knowledge, the definition of gendered subjectivities, the dynamics of power, and the relationship with the environment. Chiara will join the discussion by analyzing the potential role of women in the adoption of sustainable and climate-smart agricultural systems. Valentina will open a thread on the trajectory from 'women only' through gender to feminist political ecology, and reflect on her growth in academia and pedagogy within and across such frameworks.

The seminar aims to open a discussion on the multiple bonds that connect food and gender, and gender and the environment, by presenting recent case studies and research about this topic, also reflecting on the space and role that speaking and 'doing' gender should play in higher education programs.

Marzia Mauriello teaches Medical Anthropology at the University Magna Græcia of Catanzaro (Italy) and is the Scientific Secretary of the Study Centre on Food and Nutrition based at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. She has published extensively on gender and sexuality, gender variance and trans experience, and on the intersections between food and gender.

Valentina Peveri is a food anthropologist with experience in the fields of environment and development. She held a Fulbright and visiting scholar appointment at Boston University. She serves as an adjunct professor at The American University of Rome (AUR) and as an international consultant.

Chiara Perelli’s research interests range from the sustainable management of natural resources to the climate change impacts on developing contexts, both in terms of food security and social equality. Furthermore, she is interested in socio-economic factors affecting the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices and, in particular, in the role played by women in developing sustainable agricultural systems.

Gaia Cottino has carried out long fieldwork activities mainly in Oceania, Hawaii and Tonga, focusing on food, health, and body issues, with specific attention to global and local health and nutrition policies.


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