The Minor in Religious Studies is available to students pursuing any of the University’s bachelor degrees. The Minor focuses on World Religions within the context of Rome and the Mediter-ranean. It comprises of two gateway courses: a 100 level course which is taught primarily on-site; a 200 course and nine (9) credits from the range of Religious Studies electives listed below, (at least six of which must be upper level).

Required courses (one of the following):
AH 111 - Saints and Sinners in Rome
AHRE 106 - Sacred Space: Religious Architecture of Rome
IA 122 - Sacred and Profane Diplomacy in Rome
REL 200 - Religion in a Pluralistic Society

Plus one of the following courses:
Any course with a REL code
AH 209 - Papal Power, Papal Art
POL 203 - An Introduction to Ethics

Plus three of the following courses:
AHRE 106 - Sacred Space: Religious Architecture of Rome
AHRE 303 - Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Evolution of the Site
ARRE 201 - The Archaeology of Roman Religion
HSRE 313 - Rome and the Renaissance Papacy
POL 304 - Ethics and Global Policies
PORE 323 - Politics, Philosophy and Religion
REL 101 - Introduction to Religion
REL 103 - One God: The Western Religious Tradition
REL 301 - Reformation and Reform in Sixteenth Century Europe
REL 349 - All Roads Lead to Rome: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Religion and Rome
REL 362 - The Sanctity of Life: Selected Themes from the Ancient World to the Present
REL 423 - Religion and Sexuality

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