By integrating a minor into your academic journey at AUR, you can reap a range of benefits that lay a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling future.

  1. Stand out in the job market 
    A minor shows your ability to handle rigorous workloads and master diverse subjects. It also testaments to your intellectual horizon and capacity for multitasking, attributes that employers highly value. Employers often perceive candidates with a minor as well-rounded and specialized, setting them apart from those focused solely on their major. This differentiation can give candidates a competitive edge in job searches and offer a broader spectrum of opportunities.
  2. Explore your passions
    For those intrigued by multiple disciplines, a minor offers a structured way to explore interests beyond their major. This can enrich the educational experience and open new perspectives and methodologies that may be useful across various fields.
  3. Have some fun
    Pursuing a minor can be intellectually stimulating and enjoyable beyond academic and career considerations. It provides additional opportunities for learning and personal growth, allowing students to engage with new ideas, people, and communities.
  4. Plan for career flexibility 
    A minor can provide the flexibility for pivoting to alternative career paths in an ever-changing job landscape. Especially when chosen in a complementary or diverse field from the major, it equips students with a broader skill set, making them adaptable to different roles.

The range of minors currently offered at AUR include: 

  • Minor in Archaeology
  • Minor in Art History
  • Minor in Classical Studies
  • Minor in Communication
  • Minor in Cultural Heritage
  • Minor in Digital Media Production
  • Minor in Economic Development and Globalization
  • Minor in English Literature
  • Minor in English Writing
  • Minor in Film and Video Production
  • Minor in Finance
  • Minor in Fine Arts
  • Minor in Food Studies
  • Minor in International Business
  • Minor in International Relations
  • Minor in Italian Language & Culture
  • Minor in Italian Fashion Studies
  • Minor in Italian Studies
  • Minor in Latin
  • Minor in Marketing
  • Minor in Mediterranean Politics, Society, and Culture
  • Minor in Museum Studies
  • Minor in Peace & Conflict Studies
  • Minor in Photography
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Minor in Religious Studies
  • Minor in Social Science
  • Minor in The Business of Art
  • Minor in Travel and Tourism Management

For details on any of our Minors, please see our full course catalog.