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As anyone who lives in modern Rome knows: where humans gather, so does garbage, a statement as true for the ancient world as it is today.

16 Apr 2019, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Farian Sabahi (1967) is a writer, academic, and journalist specializing in the Middle East, particularly Iran and Yemen, and focusing on gender studies.

17 Apr 2019, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

In 33 years, Ryanair has grown to become Europe’s largest airline, carrying 142m customers annually, on more than 2,400 daily flights from 84 bases, connecting over 200 destinations in 37 states on a fleet of over 460 aircraft, with a further 210 Boeing 737’s on order. Ryanair is constantly undergoing a program of improvement, to provide business travelers and families with more services and more destinations at the lowest cost. But what is Ryanair successful business strategy? And what has been the impact of Ryanair on the European travel industry, since its beginning of operations in 1985? What does the future hold for the Irish company and the whole aviation industry?

23 Apr 2019, 12:30
Via Pietro Roselli, 16
23 Apr 2019, 19:00
Via Michelangelo Caetani, 32

There is now ample evidence that food provisioning is a major determinant of the unprecedented and possibly irreversible changes in ecosystems.

11 Oct 2019, 9:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 4