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Rome, 2 December 2020.

Gabriel Battista was the Chairman of AUR’s trustees from 2012 to 2020 and a Board member since 2006.

Gabriel’s son, Stephen Battista, accepted the degree on his father’s behalf.

The book, titled La Crisi dell' Eurozona e l'Europa del Sud. Un'analisi Comparata, is the Italian edition of The Politics of the Eurozone Crisis in Southern Europe.

AUR warmly congratulates Anna Mines (MA Food Studies '20) on her acceptance to a position with AmeriCorps in Honolulu, and we wish her the best of luck.

Anna told us about her new role:

AUR Trustee Steven Lavine is the focus of a new work by Jörn Jacob Rohwer, Steven D. Lavine – Failure Is What It’s All About.

Traveling around the world to some of the most iconic sites from history, UNEARTHED combines scientific investigations and expert insight with stunning CGI animation to unearth the hidden secrets behind these famed monuments and reveal how and why they were created.

Unwrapping chocolate: the untold story. From cacao genetic resources to cocoa and rewarding cocoa small-scale farmers. 

Having just completed their theses for their Master's degrees in Food Studies, Teaghan Rose and Amanda Wakefield are already stepping into the next challenge: putting their knowledge into practice in internship placements.

Veronica De Sanctis, head of SIMI's projects, invited Professor Lorenzo Coretti (Director, Communication) to talk about what shapes the narratives on immigration in different countries, with a particular focus on the United States and Europe.

Nineteenth-Century Italian Women Writers and the Woman Question focuses on the literary, journalistic and epistolary production of Italian writer Neera, pseudonym for Anna Radius Zuccari, one of the most prolific and successful women writers of late nineteenth-century Italy.