One of the longest-running and most popular clubs on campus, The AUR Business Club involves students from across the curriculum in numerous business-focused events & cultural activities. One of those activities is managing the on-campus design & sale of AUR branded merchandise. This semester, the club launched a T-shirt design contest, looking for a new design to add to their existing product line that encapsulated school spirit and student engagement. 

Would-be designers were encouraged to showcase their talent by submitting proposals for the new design, and the initial flood of entries was put to an online community vote. This produced a stand-out selection of the four best designs which were then created as full-size posters and presented to a panel of judges drawn from the AUR community and a live student audience. 

Business Club Co-President, Natalie Salati, commented “The initial motivation behind having the contest was to bring together the AUR community after such a long dry spell when we couldn’t hold in-person events. The Business Club worked long and hard to create the contest, manage the voting, recruit the judges, and present the final selections to the panel, ensuring a transparent, engaging, and interactive competition. The Club would like to thank the fabulous judging panel of President Scott Sprenger, Business Program Director Kathleen Fitzsimmons, professors Brian Koperski and Bob Sonnabend​, and (making a special guest appearance), 2007 AUR graduate, Bronwyn Sweeney, now a Creative Director for a London-based advertising agency."

After much consideration and debate, the judges made their decision. With clear direction on their criteria for their selection, student Carlos Antoine’s design emerged as the worthy winner. 

The new T-shirt will be sold as a limited edition at the Club’s November 17-18 sale.

T-Shirt by Carlos Tommasino