At the American University of Rome, we offer a unique selection of minors designed to complement your major field of study or allow you to explore an unrelated passion. These minors are specifically crafted to add depth to your academic journey and enhance your professional profile.

Minor in Photography

AUR students tend to see the world through a different lens - metaphorically; now, they can also do so literally. AUR's new minor in photography has been designed to nurture students' creative and technical skills while providing a versatile set of competencies highly valued across industries.

Whether used as a tool for personal expression, to enhance professional opportunities, or to engage with the world, photography offers a rich and rewarding complement to any major.

Minor in Museum Studies

A minor in Museum Studies can significantly enrich a student's academic journey and professional opportunities, particularly for those interested in culture, history, art, and education. 

Museum Studies is an inherently interdisciplinary field combining art, history, anthropology, conservation, and education. This interdisciplinary nature broadens students' perspectives and allows them to apply knowledge from various fields. Engagement with a wide range of cultural and historical contexts enhances students' understanding and appreciation of diversity, preparing them for a globalized world and promoting empathy and effective cross-cultural communication.

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A new minor in photography
A new minor in Museum Studies
One of thirty minors at AUR
Minors enhance your academic journey