When asked about the attraction of AUR within the higher education marketplace, President Sprenger described the unique opportunities that the university provides using Rome and its environs as its classroom, the excellent and growing reputation of the AUR faculty, and its beautiful campus situated in a peaceful locale on the Gianicolo overlooking Rome. Sprenger also pointed to another frequently reported feature of the AUR experience: “That of intense discovery and self-discovery that comes with living abroad in a context of a globally diverse student body. Students report that they seek to be pushed out of their comfort zones, broaden their horizons, and explore socially-engaging academic and career interests that provide a sense of purpose.”

Alongside students from across the world, AUR welcomes Italian students, who now comprise almost 20% of the full-time student body. While Italian students have obviously not left their home country to study at AUR, the university campus is like stepping into another world because of its American-accredited curriculum, the native-level English spoken, and the close attention and mentorship that students receive from faculty and staff. With over fifty nationalities represented, Italian students equally experience the excitement of discovery by living, learning, and interacting within AUR’s diverse, multicultural community.  



For those interested in discovering more about the benefits of an American education, both here in Rome and in the States, AUR is hosting an American Education Open Day on the 6th of October from its campus in Monteverde. Joining AUR onsite will be representatives from Education USA, Fulbright Italy, John Cabot University, Temple University, and St. John’s University. Further information and registration can be found at https://aur.edu/openday