The Aventinus Minor Project (AMP) is a fascinating educational & community-focused enterprise that sees AUR Archaeology & Classics students working alongside seasoned archaeologists and educators excavating one of the few relatively unexplored areas of central Rome.

AMP is a comprehensive, multi-year, research-focused archaeological project that strives to be both academically rigorous and culturally engaged. The highly experienced professional team of archaeologists, led by AUR professors Elizabeth Wueste and Giulia Facchin, work directly with AUR undergraduate and graduate students, as well as St. Stephen’s School high school students, as active participants in the various processes of archaeological research, conservation, and research publication.

The American University of Rome launched the Aventinus Minor Project in 2019 in partnership with St. Stephen’s School, an international high school in Rome, and the Istituto Santa Margherita, the convalescent home housed in the convent of Santa Balbina that owns the excavation site. Through this collaborative effort, AMP committed to being culturally responsive, academically rigorous, and community-minded stewards of not only the archaeological site but of the surrounding neighborhood.

The 2023 'digging' season marks the second year of serious excavations on the AMP site. The summer 2022 season saw the project break ground and excavation begin. All of the 'diggers' were either AUR undergraduates in Archaeology and Classics or graduate students in Sustainable Cultural Heritage. Throughout the seasonal heat, excitement mounted with the discovery and cataloging of pottery, marble, and stratigraphy.

This year, the dig team hails from countries around the globe and the excavations have increased in size, depth, and output!



Date/Time: Wednesday 21 June, 5:30 in English,  7pm in Italian

Directions and Map to reach: Via di Santa Balbina 6:

  • Park on Viale Giotto, as close to the roundabout at Viale Guido Baccelli as possible
  • enter Via di S. Balbina on foot
  • walk past the Vivai le Mura (Via di Santa Balbina 10)
  • take a left into the gate at the Instituto Santa Margherita (Casa di Riposo at Via di Santa Balbina 6)