Students of Prof. Kristien De Neve will participate in her group installation Oltre (Beyond) at the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma, known as MACRO, which houses some of the most significant expressions of the Italian art scene since the 1960s.

From the Press Release:
The idea for Beyond – diary of a presumed failure was developed from another project that never came to fruition. This failed project opened the door to reflections on the destructive forces within a community that determine its dynamics.

Starting from these considerations, the artists’ space is symbolically divided into two main areas by a large loom, and the artists and the public will weave their own words into the fabric. This action will be repeated until “a wall of voices” is formed, and will represent the ambivalence of opinions and language, an instrument of knowledge and contact, but also of separation and misunderstanding.

The separation device creates the spaces nicchia (niche) and oltre (beyond). The first, located near the entrance, contains interactive installations exploring the closure and defense of the self and the difficulty of leaving one’s comfort zone. The space “beyond” the loom, however, leads to a more spiritual and silent dimension, beyond the confines of language, placing greater emphasis on the search for that which unites us.

The installation Nicchia (Niche) by Kristien De Neve reflects on the feeling of isolation and the consequent crystallization of the “person” and one’s image of oneself. Three colorful cages, hanging from the ceiling, become metaphors for the frames of mind that seem to imprison us. Inside each cage are mirrors that reflect the spectator, provoking a feeling of ambivalence. Perhaps the closure and separation are illusory, a mere self-made projection? Perhaps, becoming aware of the device, we can find a much larger dwelling and discover that we have always been fundamentally free?

Update: you can view an image gallery featuring the students and the installation here.

Calendar of events – room 2                       1—30 April 2019

Asilo – Shelter
2—18 April, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
Building of the separation device. All are invited to contribute their own thoughts to the threads of the loom in the collective work, which will be made from Tuesday to Sunday.
Kristien De Neve, Laura della Gatta, Salvatore Travascio, Benedetta Dosa with the participation of the public.

3 April, 2.00 pm – 5.30 pm
Weaving of the threads of the loom in collaboration with Fine Arts students from The American University of Rome (AUR).

Weekend 5-6-7 April

Friday 5 April, 6.00 pm
Performance of Loop Script by India Baretto (artistic hula hoop), contemporaneous with the performance of Personal Loops by Kritisen De Neve. Construction of the work The Niche by Kristien De Neve will begin.
Loop Script and Personal Loops In the performances, the work The Niche, built with immobilized hula hoops, recalls the memory of the possibility of a fluid movement, now crystallized by means of repetition around a central point.

Saturday 6 April, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
“In progress” construction of the work Comfort Zone by Laura della Gatta and of the work The Niche by Kristien De Neve.

4.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Performance of Strisce Poetiche (Poetic lines) by Daniele Contavalli
Strisce Poetiche – Poetic Lines Mutation and transformation of words in paper and of paper in space, through sound and voice, through the sign and the unwinding of the delicate body of Poetic Lines. The micro and the macro passage of poetry in the exhibition space and beyond.

Sunday 7 April, 5.30 pm
Performance of Riflessi (Reflections) by Kristien De Neve with performances by Cornelia Dupré (soprano) and Cristina Ternovec (viola).  
Riflessi – Reflections Songs of love, memory and abandonment reflect the illusion of trying to grasp at something that could be devoid of meaning. What lies beyond?

Weekend 12-13-14 April

Friday 12 April, 6.00 pm
Performance by Nniet Brovvdi from my HOLY dirty book (Voice, words, video/light; Sound: organ, alto saxophone, clarinet, electronics).

Saturday 13 April, 6.00 pm
Collective action: performance of La Sensazione Sentita (The Feeling Felt) by Kristien De Neve with the musical group Folkrose: Carlo Cristofanilli (voice and castanets), Katia Onofri (voice and flute), Pierluigi Vagnoni (violin), Vincenzo Appolloni (guitar), Paolo Capasso (keyboard), Roberto Capacci (percussion). With the participation of Fabiana Palumbieri and Tiziana Alaia (dance).
La Sensazione Sentita – The Feeling Felt A listening encounter between two people evolves in sung and danced rhythms, drawing from a deep physical wisdom.

13-14 April, 10.30 am – 6.00 pm.
Collective action Fusioni (Fusions) by Salvatore Travascio, based on his piece Beyond borders.
Fusioni – Fusions The transformative path of a portrait photo, the symbol of personality: loss of the original form, defragmentation and reconstruction, new synthesis with the fusion and peronal elements exchanged with other participants.

Weekend 19-20-21 April

Saturday 20 April, 5.30 pm
Performance of Concentrica (Concentric) (dance) by Sylvia Layla.
Concentrica – Concentric Dance performance: around the center, and outside, in the space, towards the other. Solitude and the difficulty of agreement, but also balance of many blurred centers, give a profound feeling of harmony and peace with the universe.

6.00 pm
Silvia Ciliberto: Al di là delle parole (Beyond Words) (singer and vocal coach)
Al di là delle parole – Beyond Words The voice, as an expression of self and one’s true emotions, is the beginning of a journey towards the meeting of collective vocal expression, improvised, beyond words.

Sunday 21 April (Easter), 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Stories about the overall installation, behind the scenes with and without surprises. Kristien De Neve, Benedetta Dosa, Laura Della Gatta, Salvatore Travascio.

Thursday 25 April, 6.00 pm
Collective performance Ghosts Are Gone, White Waves Remain by Clarissa Falco.
Ghosts Are Gone, White Waves Remain Folding sheets is an archaic movement, unnoticed in our daily lives. It becomes a conscious rite that creates relationships and a physical tie in collective memory, and a response to the individualism that dominates society and, consequently, our choices.

Weekend 26-27-28 April

27 April, 5.30 pm – 7.00 pm
Final collective performance La Metamorfosi Smisurata (The Boundless Metamorphosis)

5.30 pm
Performance of Out in the Loop by India Baretto (artistic hula hoop) and Nicchia Volante (Flying Niche) by Kristien De Neve.
Out in the loop and Flying Niche A playful movement liberates a centrifugal energy, ready to transform that which has been until now meticulously built and contained.

6.00 pm
Performance of Paraspifferi by Laura Della Gatta
Paraspifferi The comforting embrace of padding warms and overheats. The time to rise and oxygenate the area arrives. Drafts and the wind of spring everywhere.

6.30 pm
Performance Il Tappeto Taglia La Corda (The Rug Cuts The Cord) by Salvatore Travascio, Kristien De Neve and Laura Della Gatta.
Il Tappetto Taglia La Corda – The Rug Cuts The Cord The curtain tilts towards the floor and opens the space. Our dwelling is beyond!