A note from the editorial team:

Dear Readers,

As yet another academic year comes to a bittersweet end, we present to you the fourteenth edition of REMUS.

Several of this issue’s contributors are graduating seniors, leaving behind the legacy of their work and the influence of their time spent at The American University of Rome.

It will not escape our readers’ attention that this edition features a wide range of poems that showcase the contributors’ mastery over different forms, from the sonnet to the formal ode, and even the harsh demands of the villanelle.

Our flash fictions are witty, trenchant, and deeply in tune with the vast spectrum of human emotion. Our longer pieces, fiction and non-fiction, are reflective of a considerable level of maturity and sophistication.

Our fine arts and photography contributors present us with a variety of abstract paintings, striking portraits, and impressionistic landscapes.

Lastly, for the second consecutive year, this edition includes photographs from the final performance of AUR’s Dramatic Arts Club, “Fragments of a Fleeting Life.”

The REMUS editorial team is constantly striving to make each issue as memorable as can be. We are proud to have had the opportunity to bring these inspired works to you all.

The Editors