The Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations organizations in Rome together with various partners hosted Bites of Transfoodmation. The Bites of Transfoodmation project is represented by their manifesto; a unifying vision of a future society starting from food. The Manifesto focuses on socio-economic initiatives to achieve sustainable food systems including embracing diversity, renewing traditions, and improving access to food and shared knowledge.



Snack the System was an event that aimed to showcase projects and organizations that align with the values of the Manifesto, and to provide an opportunity for discussion between the guests, invited speakers and the exhibitors. Exhibitors included: Essento, a Swiss company developing protein-packed products from insects; Sapore di Svolta, an Italian company creating dehydrated fruits and vegetables; Hangry, a Swiss company making ready-to-eat meals using surplus food; and Api Romane, an organization that promotes sustainable beekeeping in Rome. Some exhibitors provided samples of their tasty solutions – honey, fruit juice, insect protein bars, dehydrated fruits, and olive oil.

For Food Studies students, the event was a fun opportunity to talk with people practicing sustainable food systems in Switzerland and Rome. Some of the participating Food Studies students share their takeaway of the event below.

The Snack the System exhibit was a great opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs innovating the food system. Two examples were the Hangry team that creates products from food surpluses in order to reduce waste, and the Api Romane organization that combines beekeeping with social activism. It was inspiring to hear how people are taking grassroot initiatives and using their skills to address issues encompassing the three pillars of sustainability. – Taylor Johnson (MA Food Studies student). 

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Snack the System event. It was inspiring to see young people from around the world working for a sustainable future. There were various groups and vendors there that I particularly enjoyed connecting with including Hangry, Api Romane, and Essento. Tasting the insect products and learning more about alternative sources of protein was fascinating and tasting the wide variety of honey was very exciting. – Julie Cheek (MA Food Studies student).