A university for adventurers & dreamers

If you’re already an adventurer, a dreamer of big dreams, you probably don’t need any convincing of the benefits of studying abroad full time – you should just get on with the job of applying now

For those of you still on the fence about whether to take the plunge and apply to study in a foreign country: the fact that you have found us and are reading this page means that you have the spirit and the drive necessary to make it – and we want you! Below are a few reasons why we think studying in Rome, Italy, could be of real benefit to you both academically and personally.

Most of your peers will be opting for in or out-of-state colleges or universities and will receive perfectly adequate qualifications in their chosen majors. However, bachelor’s degree programs abroad have equal, if not higher, merit and all undergraduate programs at The American University of Rome are fully accredited in the United States by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.   

Intercultural and multicultural

Learning and living in an entirely new setting is an experience unique to studying outside of your home country, and it equips you with a wealth of skills that your peers simply will not get by studying in their native country. AUR is a truly diverse institution with over fifty nationalities represented on campus. This means that intercultural exchange and diversity of perspective are part of the fabric of the university.

"There was a dream that was Rome ..."

“There was once a dream that was Rome, you could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish.” Marcus Aurelius, ‘Gladiator’

Rome & Italy still offer the dream. As a student, you’ll be living in a new country and a new culture. Our student accommodation is not in isolated dorms but located in real Roman neighborhoods with Italians as your neighbors, so you’ll soon find yourself part of a community not just within the university, but also in your neighborhood. In all of our majors, the walls of the classroom are extended to incorporate the city: we make Rome an integral part of your studies, with on-site classes frequently held throughout this beautiful city. You will be part of the story of Rome. You will experience culture shock, you’ll get confused, you may get lost. You will have to learn to communicate across barriers of culture and language. And as you learn to handle these challenges, you will all the while be walking in the footsteps of history, experiencing amazing food, meeting amazing people and enjoying opportunities to travel throughout Italy and Europe. These experiences will strengthen your character, add to your academic depth, and help to develop you as a truly global citizen.

Career-enhancing opportunities

In addition to this academic and personal enrichment, you will experience career enhancement through completing both an international degree program and an international internship. 78% of students at The American University of Rome undertake an internship during their studies; many will take two. Employers have stated that an internship is one of the most important things they want to see on any potential candidate’s curriculum. Seeing an international internship will prove to employers not only your work-readiness but also your social skills, cultural sensitivity, and your confidence and self-belief.

Your passport to the rest of the world

Another obvious career benefit is that having studied abroad, you will be very well placed to work abroad. Rome is a modern, thriving, European capital and there are great opportunities to work within many of the international companies and NGOs within the city – but you won’t be limited to Rome post-graduation: we are your passport to the rest of the world. On graduating, as you travel to new places and accumulate new experiences, you will have a new network  – the AUR alumni family – who can guarantee you a welcome pretty much anywhere in the world!

Less debt, more opportunity

Finally, let’s talk about cost. AUR is a non-profit institution and works very hard to keep its tuition and fees at a manageable level. You can see our fees for 2020 – 2021 here and compare them to the institutions in your locality. Living and studying abroad need not be expensive and Rome is a great city for those living on a budget – Numbeo, the cost-of-living comparison website, puts consumer food prices in Rome as 67% lower than New York, 25% lower than Los Angeles and Chicago, and 34% lower than Miami.

Have we persuaded you yet?

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