All students holding a non-European Union passport are required by law to obtain a student visa before departing from their home country. Without a valid student visa, students can not apply to obtain their Permit to Stay.  Students will not be allowed to attend AUR without their student visa. 

Non-EU/EEA citizens and residents must apply for a student visa upon acceptance. The necessary documentation will be provided to each accepted student once the deposit has been paid. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the student visa is obtained before arriving in Italy. As it may take several weeks to obtain an appointment with the local Italian Consulate, appointments should be made for a date no more than 90 days prior to the arrival date.

Steps to take:

Permit to Stay/ Permesso di Soggiorno per Studio
Upon arrival in Rome, all students who are citizens of countries which are not European Union Members must apply for a permit to stay in Italy within the first 8 days of their arrival. This permit is issued by the local police authorities (Questura). The University will provide relevant information and assistance to you during Orientation Week to secure your first permit to stay. However, it is your responsibility to comply with current stay requirements and secure the applicable documents.

Required Documents 
To facilitate the process of obtaining the Permit to Stay, you must provide the following:

  • 1 photocopy of your photo ID in the passport and the Italian Visa as presented in the passport
  • 1 photocopy of health insurance (see the health insurance tab)
  • 1 photocopy of AUR enrollment letter stamped by the Italian Consulate

Please bring these items with you during Arrivals Week for your meeting with the AUR Permit to Stay Consultant.

The permit to stay process is regulatory in nature and the applicable rules change frequently. Students are encouraged to consult the arrival materials distributed each academic semester for the most up to date procedure/requirements. Students residing in housing contracted through the University will need to present the listed documents and follow the instructions given by the Student Life Office during Orientation Week.
The actual permit is issued at a later date and needs to be picked up in person. We advise students to periodically check the police station website and input your receipt details to check on the status of your permit.  Please keep all receipts in a secure spot, as you will need them when picking up your permit. 

For further information on student visas, permits and health insurance please contact


  • Can I only apply for a visa 90 days or less before the start of the semester?
    Yes, consulates will not process your application more than 90 days and at least three weeks prior to your departure date.  However, for “departure date” the safest bet is to refer to the date on the Visa letter, which is the start of orientation week.
  • When can I make my visa appointment?
    Students should book the appointment as early as possible since appointment slots are filled very quickly.  You can book your appointment far in advance for a later date. For example, you can book an appointment in May for October. 

    U.S. applicants are competing for time slots with the thousands of study abroad students that travel to Italy every year, so please plan accordingly. Other countries have varying time frames from a couple of weeks to several months, so better to err on the side of caution!  The American University of Rome is not responsible for any problems that may arise from not making your appointment in time. 

  • Can I book my appointment at any Italian Consulate?
    No, your appointment must be made in the appropriate consulate, depending on where you have legal residency.  Make sure to visit the consulate website for detailed information.

    U.S. Students: Click here to see the list of U.S. first category consulates and their jurisdictions.

  • What if I’m unable to find an appointment?
    The consulate recommends checking their website daily for cancellations.  Their website resets every day at midnight (Italy time).  Unfortunately, AUR cannot interfere with your visa process; therefore, we recommend emailing the consulate to ask for advice on how to move forward.
  • Do I need to book my flight before my appointment date?
    Every consulate seems to have a different view. We recommend booking a flexible ticket well in advance. You’ll save money booking in advance and this will hopefully make up for the extra cost of the flexible ticket, which can be canceled without penalty.