You are not alone in considering transferring to a new university. Today, one-third of all students will choose a college transfer before they graduate.

For most, transferring is a hugely rewarding personal and academic experience. By transferring to Rome students choose to add another dimension to their undergraduate experience: living and learning in an international environment. 
The American University of Rome offers you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and combine the adventure of living in a historic European capital city with obtaining a degree. All of our degree programs are fully U.S. accredited, and all courses are taught in English.

Here's our list of top ten reasons you should consider becoming a transfer student at The American University of Rome: 

  1. Academic excellence with a focus on career readiness
    Let's get the important stuff out of the way first, the academics. The American University of Rome is universally respected for the quality of its teaching and for its focus on career development both within traditional Liberal Arts fields and for the wider job market. Our curriculum, from the General Education requirements program right through to Capstones, is truly interdisciplinary and our faculty are leaders in their respective fields of expertise.
  2. Internships
    An internship is a really valuable experience and student internship experience is highly valued by future employers.
    78% of AUR undergraduate students complete an internship through the university; many take two before they graduate.
  3. International experience
    At what other point in your life will you be free enough to take the opportunity to live, relatively carefree, in this, the most fascinating of European capital cities? Your university years are once-in-a-lifetime - make the most of them! Living in a new city, learning a new language, being part of a new culture... all of these things will help you develop both academically and personally. This too will be beneficial in the longer-term by making your resume stand apart from those of your peers and showing your strength of character, adaptability, and curiosity.
  4. Rome
    If you've never been here, you haven't truly lived. If you've been before - you know you need to return. “Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.” -Anotole Broyard.
  5. Credit Transfer
    One of our most frequently asked questions is 'Will my College credits transfer?' Essentially, the answer is 'Yes'. You can transfer up to 75 credits from your previous institution(s), be they from another university or college or from a community college, which means you're on track to graduate on the same timeline as you would be without transferring. Of course, there are certain pre-conditions that have to be met, but they are pretty standard.
    You can find out more detail here. If you are an international student (non-American), please note the section under 'Transfer Credit Criteria' entitled 'Non-US Universities'.
  6. Scholarships & Financial Aid
    AUR offers financial aid by way of need-based scholarships. We also accept external scholarships that students have obtained from other sources. Plus, we participate in US Title IV Direct Lending.
    Our dedicated Financial Advisor can help you with any questions you have - take a look here first and if you'd like to know more detail, drop an inquiry over here.
  7. Community
    Our community is small but widely-varied in background, culture, and nationality. Over 50 countries are represented on campus so you will make global friends for life.
  8. You can change majors or add a minor to your studies
    Many students find that, as they progress through university, their passions change and new disciplines become their focus. At The American University of Rome, we practice true interdisciplinary teaching. This offers you the opportunity to change major, should you wish to, or add a complementary minor to bolster your skills and resume.
  9. Lower tuition and living expenses
    Tuition fees at The American University of Rome are lower than the US average, and living costs in Rome are extremely reasonable. None of us want to leave university saddled with huge debt, and we can help you reduce that burden. 
  10. Sometimes, your school just doesn't fit
    A college degree demands a great deal of time, money, and energy: it’s best to spend yours on a place that you truly love. If your school just does not feel like a good fit, don’t fight it. Transferring away is a very valid option for purely that reason - and the other nine reasons above should just help you make that decision.

Ready for the first step on your road to Rome? 

Applying to The American University of Rome is straightforward using our online application form. A couple of things to note:

  1. If possible, you should have access to your official transcripts - but don't worry if you don't have them to hand, you can always upload them later
  2. AUR has a rolling application deadline schedule for Fall & Spring Semesters, so the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting into the program you want

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