Our admissions and financial aid counselors really love to talk to potential students one-to-one and our financial aid counselors are available to current students as well! This page offers you the opportunity to have a personalized (based on your interests and questions for the American University of Rome) meeting at your convenience.

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Below you will find the profiles of our currently available counselors, including the languages they speak. Click on any counselor's name to access their online booking diary.

Yesenia Serna

based in Rome - speaks Italian, Spanish, and English

Talk to Yesenia about our undergraduate programs and about life on campus.
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Cait Huseman

based in the USA - speaks English and French

Talk to Cait about our undergraduate programs or about our MA in Food Studies.
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Jessica York

based in Rome - speaks Italian, German, and English

Talk to Jessica about Study Abroad & Summer Sessions and our Foundation English program.
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Fernanda Mayer Silva

based in Rome - speaks English, Portuguese, and Italian

Talk to Fernanda about our undergraduate programs and about life on campus.
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Zoe Johnson

based in Rome - speaks English and Italian. Financial Aid specialist for prospective and current students.

Talk to Zoe about our financing your education & scholarships.
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Kirsty Young

based in Rome - speaks Italian and English. Financial Aid specialist for prospective and current students.

Talk to Kirsty about our MAs in Peace Studies and Cultural Heritage, financing your education, and scholarships.
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Andrea Ricci

based in Rome - speaks Italian and English.

Talk to Andrea about our undergraduate programs and about life on campus
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Meet Cait Huseman, Assistant Director of US Admissions Operations

Cait joins the AUR Admissions team after years of working with international students at US colleges and universities. With undergraduate degrees in French and Japanese and a Master’s in International Education, she is passionate about global studies and education abroad. Located in Vermont, USA, Cait enjoys cooking, travel, and playing music in her band.
Schedule a time to discuss your application with Cait today!


Meet Yesenia Serna, International Admissions Counselor

Yesenia transferred from Los Angeles to pursue her degree in Italian Studies at The American University of Rome. She started in the admissions office as a student trainee and is now working as an International Admissions Counselor.

In her free time, Yesenia enjoys cooking, taking day trips, and exploring the food scene in Rome. If you’re looking to speak to someone with an AUR student perspective, don’t hesitate to set up a call with her. Information sessions are also offered in Spanish or Italian.


Meet Fernanda Mayer Silva, International Admissions Counselor

Fernanda is originally from Brazil and moved to Rome to pursue a B.A. in International Relations & Global Politics, which she absolutely loved. The IR program gave her the opportunity to travel to different countries in Europe, such as Greece and Spain, and broaden her understanding of those countries’ politics.

Fernanda graduated from The American University of Rome in 2016 and since then, she’s undertaken a Master’s Degree and had varied work experiences abroad and in other cities in Italy, such as Milan. Now she’s back in Rome, the city she fell in love with years ago, and returned to AUR as an International Admissions Counselor!

Fernanda would be happy to share her experience at AUR with you and give you more information about our University. Book an information session with Fernanda in English, Italian or Portuguese.


Meet Zoë Johnson, Director of Financial Aid

Zoë lived on the east and west coast USA before moving to Italy 12 years ago. Her love for all things Italian started with her Latin class in high school and she's never looked back! She got her Bachelor's in Sociology and Psychology with a concentration in Criminal Justice and a Master's in Organizational Development. Her love for numbers began when working with her father in the family's post and beam construction company and it has served her well transitioning to financial aid a decade ago.

In her free time, Zoë loves discovering every inch of Rome's parks and green areas (there are many!) and hiking.

If you are ready to talk about AUR's cost of attendance, budgeting and financial aid, set up an appointment with her today!


Meet Kirsty Young, International Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor

Kirsty hails from Northumberland, UK and has lived in Italy for 6 years. Kirsty is a die-hard Harry Potter fan after making her film debut in The Philosopher's Stone before deciding acting wasn't for her. She studied English Language and Communication with English Literature in London.

Kirsty is passionate about helping you map your journey and while you are at it, she is an expert in all things Financial Aid!


Meet Jessica York, Director of Admissions

Jessica graduated from university in England and Italy, then taught at international schools around the world before joining the Admissions team at The American University of Rome six years ago. In her free-time, she is a passionate runner and never grows tired of exploring Rome. She is more than happy to discuss your application in Italian, German or English. A presto!


Meet Andrea Ricci, International Admissions Counselor

Andrea completed a BSc in Economics (in Italy) and a MA in Marketing Management (in England). He has an extensive professional background in the higher education sector and joined The American University of Rome in 2017. Andrea is passionate about international education and study abroad and believes that education is the only way to make the world a better place!