Frequently Asked Questions for Transcripts

How do I request my AUR transcript?

You will need to download a Transcript Request Form and submit a signed copy to the Office of the Registrar by one of the following ways:

  • In person: Registrar’s office – Building A, 1st floor.
  • By fax: +39 0658330992
  • By email to We also accept scanned copies of duly signed and completed forms.
  • By mail at the following address:
    The American University of Rome
    Office of the Registrar – Transcript Request
    Via Pietro Roselli, 4
    00153 Rome, Italy

How much does it cost and when do I pay?

  • Euro 8 per copy (or $10).
  • Payment at the time of the request.

I urgently need my transcript to be delivered. Can I request an express courier delivery?

  • Upon request, transcripts can be sent via DHL only. Please check the appropriate box on the Transcript Request Form.
  • DHL will not accept P.O. Box address. Please make sure you have a full mailing address and contact details (email, fax or phone number).
  • An extra Euro 24 (or $25) fee is required to cover the cost of this service.

Which are the acceptable methods of payment?

  • Online payment: Pay online here
  • Check: Checks must be made out to The American University of Rome.
  • Cash: Payments to AUR’s Finance Office

How long does it take to process my request of transcripts?

Requests are generally processed within 2-3 business days upon receipt of a complete request. If your request is missing some items, we will write to you within the same timeframe. During peak times, such as at the beginning and end of a semester, please allow at least 5 business days of processing time.

How do I know when my request has been processed?

As soon as your request has been processed, we will send you an email to inform you that the transcript/s has/ve been mailed.

Can I have an unofficial transcript?

The Office of the Registrar at AUR issues only official transcripts on security paper. You can download your unofficial transcript from your MyAUR account.

Can I pick up my transcript?

Yes. You can pick up your transcripts. Please verify that the institution requesting the transcript will accept a transcript not directly sent by AUR. If the transcript is not picked up, then we will mail it to the address listed on your request. If no address was given, the transcript will be shredded.

Can some else pick up my transcript?

Due to federal privacy regulations, we will release your transcript only to you. If you want a third party to retrieve your transcript, you must give written, dated and signed consent when applying for the transcript.

Can I make copies of my transcript?

No. AUR transcript is printed on secure paper which bears the seal of the university and the signature of the Registrar. Photocopies are unofficial.

What if my record is on “hold”?

Financial “holds” restrict the release of transcripts. Your transcripts cannot be released until you have cleared your financial obligations with our Finance office. We will inform you if an existing financial “hold” prevents us to release your transcript and will encourage you to contact our finance office at

Can you hold the issuance of my transcript until my semester grades or degree information is entered?

Yes. Please indicate this on the Transcript Request Form (also, specify the semester or degree you are waiting for).

I am currently enrolled at AUR and have credits that I’d like to transfer to AUR from another institution. Where should I send them?

New and Current students: Send your non-AUR transcripts to the following address:
The American University of Rome
Registrar’s Office
Via Pietro Roselli, 4
00153 Rome, Italy

Did not find the answer to your questions?

Please write to us at and we will be pleased to assist you further.

Study Abroad: Last semester, I studied at AUR under a study abroad program. Who do I contact to find out about my grades and or to obtain a transcript?

After your semester is over at AUR, we send your grades to your study abroad program coordinators – all questions regarding grades should therefore be referred to them. Please remember that grades can be checked online until a year after you attended AUR. Please note that grades will not be released if you have the following holds:

  • Library holds;
  • Housing holds;
  • Disciplinary holds;
  • Other fee associated holds.

Your official transcript will be held until the outstanding fees are paid and/or any holds are lifted.

Study Abroad: How can I be sure that I will get credit from my home university for my study abroad courses at AUR?

It is the responsibility of your home institution to determine the grade equivalencies and decide how the courses taken at AUR will transfer to your degree program. In order to have credits transferred back home, you should meet with the study abroad staff and/or your advisor and obtain approval for the courses you wish to attend at AUR. AUR strongly recommends that you do so prior to departure.

Study Abroad: Can I request a copy of my transcript even if AUR already sent my grades to my study abroad program?

Yes. In order to request an official transcript, please follow instructions as above.

I am a former student at AUR (Study Abroad or degree-seeking student) and would like to know my grades, without requesting an official transcript, how should I proceed?

Please contact in order to activate your MyAUR account, which will allow you to view and download your unofficial transcript.