AUR aims to give every student the opportunity to take advantage of a high quality education while being recognized for academic achievement and, if necessary, receiving financial assistance.

Transfer and returning students who wish to apply or reapply for a student training position must fill out the application below and submit by the due date in order to be considered for a position.

Merit Scholarship

Upon being accepted to AUR, incoming students will automatically be considered for a merit scholarship based on criteria obtained from the Admissions portfolio. A separate application is not necessary for this scholarship.

Financial Need Scholarship

Financial Need scholarships are renewable annually until degree requirements are met for a maximum of four years (depending which comes first), and is only available to new incoming students at AUR. (Returning students must apply each semester for the AUR hardship scholarship.) Students must remain in good academic standing. All scholarships are only applicable during the spring and fall semesters.
Students must be accepted and enroll full time in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Priority Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 1st

Download the Financial Need application

Hardship Scholarship

For returning resident AUR students, this scholarship is offered to students who have found themselves in financial hardship and need financial assistance returning to their studies. The amount students receive varies depending upon their temporary financial needs. The Hardship Scholarship is not renewed automatically from one academic year to the next, students must reapply.

For the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year, AUR's Business Club has generously donated €1000 of merchandising proceeds to partially fund a current AUR student in financial need. A big THANK YOU to Professor Fitzsimmons and the hardworking students of the Biz Club for this financial support and the important contribution the Biz Club makes to the AUR community! 

Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 1st

Download the Hardship Scholarship application

Sons of Italy Scholarship

The Order Sons of Italy in America (or OSIA) offers a scholarship together with The American University of Rome to American students with Italian heritage. The scholarship is $20,000 over four years (the recipient will receive $5,000 each academic year) and is awarded based on merit.

The OSIA Committee selects the recipient based on academic merit (including test scores, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation), the essay response, and community service/volunteerism.

Both new and returning AUR students are eligible to apply.

Deadline: February 28th 

Download the Sons of Italy Scholarship Application

Student Training Program

The American University of Rome offers a limited number of student training positions to full-time AUR degree-seeking students. Students who participate in this program receive training in various areas of the University in exchange for partial remission of tuition or reimbursement if tuition has already been paid in full. First Year students must complete at least one semester at AUR before applying for a training position, this does not apply to transfer students

Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 15th

Access the Student Training Application

Sibling Discount


Definition of Sibling: The student must be one of two or more children having one or both parents in common. This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship such as cousins, spouses and so on.


A student who has a sibling who is studying at The American University of Rome is eligible for a 20% discount. The discount will apply only to the second sibling and only when both are enrolled simultaneously and are degree-seeking students at AUR. If one graduates, transfers, drops to part time enrollment status, or drops out, the remaining one pays full tuition less any scholarships/work study he/she may have. The students must be making satisfactory academic progress.

The discount will only apply to tuition costs.

Application procedure

Sibling application discounts are available through the Admissions Office.

AUR Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon tuition waiver helps veterans who have served in the US military. Initially it was intended to actually participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program by the US Veterans Department. However, due to our foreign schools status we were not eligible to participate. In response to that and in order for us to obtain a ‘Veteran Friendly’ school status AUR has created its own Yellow Ribbon Tuition Waiver for those whom would have been eligible. This tuition waiver is automatic for all students who are 100% Yellow Ribbon eligible and is applied to the spring semester once benefits are received.

RaiseMe Scholarship Guarantees

Earn up to $8,000 from The American University of Rome

AUR has partnered with RaiseMe to offer micro-scholarships that recognize your everyday achievements and allow you to start earning money for college beginning in 9th grade. You can earn up to $8,000 per year, which will be part of your The American University of Rome financial aid award. You may receive even more in your financial aid package once we review your application, but the money you earn from The American University of Rome on RaiseMe is the minimum guaranteed amount of financial aid you will receive from The American University of Rome.

Be sure to enter your micro-earnings by February 15th to lock in your scholarship for the upcoming year!

What are examples of how I can earn these micro-scholarships?

  • Get an A
  • Maintain a high GPA
  • Participate in an Extracurricular Activity
  • Score well on the SAT or ACT
  • Attend a College Fair
  • Visit Campus

Is RaiseMe free?
Yes. RaiseMe is entirely free for high school students and educators. To sign up, go online to and create an account.

Are these real scholarships?
Yes! We partnered with RaiseMe to allow you to earn scholarships to The American University of Rome earlier in high school and help you see how you can be a competitive candidate at The American University of Rome. When The American University of Rome awards student scholarships on RaiseMe, we are guaranteeing these scholarships will be included in your merit or financial aid package after you are admitted.

Who can use RaiseMe?
Students who are in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 and attend high school in the United States can use RaiseMe right now.

Who's eligible to earn micro-scholarships?
The American University of Rome’s RaiseMe micro-scholarships are available for incoming freshman who reside within the U.S. The American University of Rome micro-scholarships are not available for international, online-only, part-time, transfer or returning students.

How do I get started?
You begin by creating an account at  Once your account is established, make sure you are following The American University of Rome and add achievements such as grades, extracurricular activities and leadership positions to your portfolio.

How do I receive these scholarships from The American University of Rome?
You must follow The American University of Rome and complete your profile on by the middle of your senior year.

Can I get scholarship money for things I achieved earlier in high school?
Yes. You can fill in your high school portfolio retroactively with achievements going back to the start of 9th grade, and will be eligible to earn scholarships as if you have been using RaiseMe since 9th grade. The more complete your portfolio is, the more opportunities you have to earn micro-scholarships. Remember, that The American University of Rome micro-scholarships are locked in and cannot be changed after the middle of your senior year.

How often should I add achievements to my portfolio?
You should add achievements as frequently as you can throughout high school. Adding achievements to your portfolio increases your eligibility for earning scholarships from The American University of Rome

Can I use the scholarships I earn from the The American University of Rome program to pay the cost of attending another school?
No. Micro-scholarships are not transferrable between different colleges. You can only use the scholarships that you earn from one school towards the cost of attending that same college — not to any other school.

Which courses should I add to my portfolio?
You should add all of your courses from grades 9 through 12 in order for The American University of Rome to award you the correct amount in scholarships.

Can the RaiseMe scholarship be used in addition to other scholarships from The American University of Rome?
The final total of scholarships earned on RaiseMe represent a guaranteed minimum amount of scholarship or grant aid you will receive in your financial aid package to attend our institution. If you receive a larger scholarship based upon other factors (like your final college application and FAFSA) through the admission application process, then that package will include the amount that you have earned on RaiseMe.