Welcome to The American University of Rome.

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AUR welcomes students who live in Rome. Our student body is small (we have just 500 students here) but very diverse. 
We have students from over 50 countries currently studying with us, so if you're looking to break away from the normal higher education options in Rome we offer an exciting, hands-on, practical academic experience in a multicultural, multinational community.

Here are the top 5 things we think are important for you to know as an introduction to the university:

  1. All teaching is in English
    (We have an introductory 'Bridge' program for those whose English is not quite ready for full-time study - see here)
  2. Our degrees are accredited in the United States but accepted by employers and graduate schools all over the world
    (Take a look at information about that here)
  3. While your studies are based in Rome, we offer the opportunity to study at a range of overseas locations for six months or a year of your program
    (Take a look at the extensive list of our partner universities across the world)
  4. We specialize in high-quality, practical academic programs with built-in internship opportunities to prepare you for global careers
    (You can see a selection of Internship Experiences from past students here and career experiences of our alumni here)
  5. We regularly offer scholarship discounts to Rome residents - you could qualify for a 20% reduction in fees simply through being Roman!
    (Use this form to quickly find out if you qualify)


What's the difference between studying at an American university versus an Italian university?

The most important and noticeable differences between studying at AUR and studying in a standard Italian university can be summed up in three words

  • Choice
  • Flexibility
  • Preparedness

AUR allows a great deal of flexibility for students to personalize their undergraduate degree programs by selecting individual course elements from across disciplines. This is an individual and interdisciplinary approach that enables students to build their degrees either with a specific focus on the career paths or post-graduate programs that they wish to follow. For example, we have several students who are combining Archaeology with Film & Digital Media courses as they plan to develop careers in public and broadcast archaeology. Our programs’ flexibility allows students to undertake a degree that will prepare them for an infinite number of career choices and life-directions by grounding them in essential competences backed up with highly developed problem solving and communication skills.

Italian universities tend to have a more structured curriculum and a tighter focus on specialization from the moment of enrolment. In comparison, at AUR a student need not finalize their choice of major until after the second year, should they so wish, and they can select more than one major (a double major) or a major and double minor – something that is very rare in Italian higher education.

The Classroom Experience

The classroom experience is noticeably different, too. While Italian universities focus on lectures (and some seminars) as the basis for learning, AUR focuses on classroom discussion, on-site learning, project work, and individual research.

Students work collaboratively with each other and with their professors to discover and apply knowledge, rather than having knowledge delivered to them from the front of the classroom. This enhances the students' ability to think and reason, to communicate and to work in a team – all essential skills for future careers.

This focus is reflected in the grading structure at AUR where a student's final grade is based not solely on exams but on all of their work throughout the year. Italian universities, on the other hand, tend to rely on comprehensive end-of-year examinations to grade students’ knowledge.

At AUR, we aim to mold students into well-rounded, career-ready, flexible, independent and entrepreneurial thinkers. We pride ourselves on providing the kind of education that will prepare our students for the workplace of the 21st century, a workplace that is constantly evolving – and graduates from AUR will be equipped with the skills and the confidence to evolve with it.


Are you ready to find out more?

Here's how you can find out more information:

  1. Explore this website for a good overview of what AUR is like and to see the academic programs we deliver
  2. Come and see us! We have a range of standard visiting opportunities (or you can make an appointment and come and see us anytime that suits you)
    - Book on an Open House event
    - Arrange a guided tour of our campus and facilities
    - Spend the day as a student with us
    - Join in on of our online information sessions 
  3. Talk to us!
    - You can fill in the form below or
    - Email admissions@aur.edu with any questions or
    - Call us on (00 39) 06 58 33 0941 or (00 39) 06 58 330 919