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This pandemic sucks. Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that first.

Dr Antonio Marchesi, professor of International Law, gives a lecture on Migration: Borders Before People? 

On April 21st, Rome celebrated its 2773rd birthday. The magnificent parades throughout the city that usually mark this occasion were replaced this year by a low-key commemoration broadcast online and on television.

An ethnographic and literary homage to a unique plant from a unique part of Ethiopia. Dr.

Alexander Aidan

  • Aidan, A. J. (2020)  Democratic Assessment: Using a students-as-partners approach to re-think assessment in Consumer Behaviour, JUICE: Journal of Useful Investigations in Creative Education, Issue 3. 

One of the key questions summarizing the dramatic challenges raised by the COVID19 crisis is: “Once we reach the bottom, to whom should the last ventilator be given: a young woman or an old man?” This question has two wrong, and devastating, hidden assumptions.

Visit the virtual launch page to celebrate with us this small triumph over adversity, and listen to audio and video contributions from AUR President Richard Hodges, Dean of Academic Affairs Genevieve Gessert, EWLP Program Director Lisa Colletta, professor Andrea Pacor, student editors Alexandra T

In response to the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the global pandemic CoViD-19, the faculty and administration of the American University of Rome have resolved to adopt a temporary grading policy for undergraduate courses in the Spring 2020 semester.

This was not a decision taken lightly and it will mean that certain changes to our standard Semester have to be made. However, this was a decision taken with the well-being and amenity of our students uppermost in mind.

Join us online on 4 April 2020 for The American University of Rome's very first Virtual Open Day.

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