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[Di seguito la versione italiana di questo articolo.]

Everyone was a little groggy at 6.45 am on leaving AUR and Rome in the rain. 75 minutes later the sun was out and the team was in rural Umbria. To be precise, this was the first day of a 1-credit weekend archaeological class to make sense of two archaeological sites at Giove.

After all this time, I still don't understand how Trastevere works.

Many years ago J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series had reinforced and expanded tremendously this market, demonstrating that children and young adults were quite willing to follow engaging narratives even as book length soared, with each installment, well into the hundreds of pages.

Rula’s monologue

-Were you wearing underwear that night? 
-Do you remember searching the internet for the name of a birth control that morning?
-Do you find men in jeans sexy?

The unit, set up by DA Cyrus Vance in 2017, is the first of its type and was created to deal with the increase in looted antiquities that are flooding the art market in New York, mostly as a result of conflicts in the Middle East.

Gabriel Battista, 1944-2020Just to say the name, Gabe, conjured up an image in our community. He was our leader and our friend, but far more.