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On the 21st of April, 2021, the Italian Council of Ministers published a Decreto “Riaperture” ("Reopening" Decree) covering 'Urgent measures for the gradual resumption of economic and social activities in compliance with the need to contain the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.'

Born in Frascati, a beautiful town near Rome, Riccardo Quaranta is the adjunct professor for the Environmental Science and Explorations in Physics classes. A relative newcomer, Professor Quaranta has been with AUR since 2019.

Stefano Antonelli, founder and artistic director of 999Contemporary, led the last in this spring's invitational Business Lecture series with a presentation entitled 'Economics in the XXI Century.' However, if the packed Zoom-audience had come to hear solely about traditional economic the

The American University of Rome's 2021 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony will be held virtually on

Brayden and Jenny Johnson’s arrival at AUR was a long time coming: they set their sights on AUR when they fell in love with Rome – and our campus – on a visit in 2019, but had to put their plans to make the jump to Rome on hold.

Professor Kathleen Fitzsimmons, Director of Business Studies, was born in New Jersey (and still doesn’t pump her own gas) in the middle of the Baby Boom and she's the eldest of a rowdy horde of seven siblings.

On Wednesday, 8th April 2021, The American University of Rome was honored and delighted to welcome Dr. Rohit Jigyasu as a guest speaker for a seminar entitled 'Rebuilding Mosul - from the ground up' hosted by the MA in Sustainable Cultural Heritage.

Dr. Eugene Tarlton, a member of the Research & Development team at Pfizer was the guest of the Business Program for a fascinating and far-reaching discussion of the research process in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr.

Professor Marco Conti was born in Rome in the period between the Rome Summer Olympics and the Second Vatican Council (you can go and work that date out now!).