Past Events

This is an archive of past events at AUR - you can filter these by 'associated academic program' using the drop-down list above.

A seminar hosted by students of AUR's MA in Food Studies and the Center for Food Studies at AUR. 10 October, at 19:00 hr.

10 Oct 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Gene Tarlton, Hemeritus Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Pfizer, will discuss the value chain of pharmaceutical products. He will provide insights into how the pharmaceutical industry operates, how it delivers innovation, and how chemical inputs are transformed into mass production. 

5 Oct 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

On Wednesday, the 4th of October, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., The American University of Rome will host Rome's leading organizations concerned with delivering American degrees, both here and in the United States.

4 Oct 2023, 17:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 2

Two scheduled virtual sessions are available, set at different times in order to accommodate students from around the globe.

28 Sep 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 4

Simone is the owner & CEO of Access Italy, a top luxury tourism company in Italy with clientele including Oprah and the Obamas. Simone will share his expertise and experience in the Luxury Travel Market.

27 Sep 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant public health emergency of our time, which has exacerbated existing health, racial, and social inequities and is likely to influence people’s health and well-being for many generations.

26 Sep 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 4

Alessandra Bacà, a Fintech and Retail Payments Policy Analyst at the Italian Central Bank (Banca D'Italia), will explain in simple terms how fintech innovations are changing our economy. 

21 Sep 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Few had a greater impact on their generation than Eleanor Roosevelt. She was what she professed to be: a person not afraid of criticism, willing to take responsibility and lead by example.

20 Sep 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 4

Tutto Quello Che Vuoi (Everything You Want). A 2017 film by Francesco Bruni. Monday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the AUR Auditorium

8 May 2023, 19:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 16

Gli Open Days di AUR sono l’occasione perfetta per conoscere la nostra università a 360° e farti un’idea chiara e concreta di cosa significhi essere uno studente di un’università americana a Roma.

6 May 2023, 11:00
Via Pietro Roselli, 4