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Anjum at the Pakistan HEC

Rebecca George and Kristin Lochner, students of the MA in Sustainable Cultural Heritage, recently collaborated with their professor, Barbara Staniscia, for an article on sustainability in the tourist industry that was published in an Italian academic journal for geography teachers. 

Professor Valerie Higgins was recently invited to speak on the podcast 'Cornucopia: Treasures beyond the Grand Tour', a series produced by James Hill in collaboration with loveitaly. is offering a €5000 scholarship to one ambitious Master’s student studying in Europe in the Fall of 2021. The scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding leader that is motivated to positively change the world.

In recent years cultural sites and heritage locations have become targets for political opponents, extremists, terrorists, opportunists and criminals, people who want to exploit them in order to make a symbolic statement or simply to make money.

Anjum Malik graduated from the MA in Sustainable Cultural Heritage program in 2018.

Prof. Emily Pierini has been a much-valued colleague teaching research methodology to grad students in the Food Studies and Sustainable Cultural Heritage programs since 2014.

Here's the video of the proceedings.


The economic downturn that is causing disruption the world over has brought with it uncertainty for many – not least those who, as lockdowns came into force around the world, were seeking employment or a career change.

The unit, set up by DA Cyrus Vance in 2017, is the first of its type and was created to deal with the increase in looted antiquities that are flooding the art market in New York, mostly as a result of conflicts in the Middle East.