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The ability to access the cultural assets of Rome is something that we probably take for granted, but for many people today, their culture and identity are under attack as never before.

Delivered via Zoom, "Protecting Our Future - An Introduction to Cultural Heritage' is a six-hour program that will outline what Cultural Heritage is and why it matters.

The speaker is an award-winning educator who has provided leadership training to public officials, non-profit leaders, and graduate students from across the globe.

The protection of cultural heritage is a critical component within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, as reported under Goal 11 through which countries have pledged to “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” In part

The neighborhood of San Saba lies in the centre of the modern city of Rome, yet it preserves an isolated, almost rural, atmosphere that is quite distinct from the bustle of the city that surrounds it.

The Discovery Channel’s popular archaeology series, ‘Unearthed’, now in its ninth season, features AUR professor, Valerie Higgins, in an episode first broadcast in the US on the Science Channel on July 11th.

This specialized online course focuses on protecting heritage from deliberate attack & theft, and on ways to combat these threats while understanding the global networks that are often behind such attacks.

Did you did you go straight from Graduate School to the PhD program at Southampton University, or did you have some time in between? 

An online program for Summer 2022 designed for students who are about to undertake or are currently undertaking a master's degree. Available at the introductory rate of just $550 (500 Euros) for the full four-week course.

Course schedule: 

On Wednesday, 8th April 2021, The American University of Rome was honored and delighted to welcome Dr. Rohit Jigyasu as a guest speaker for a seminar entitled 'Rebuilding Mosul - from the ground up' hosted by the MA in Sustainable Cultural Heritage.