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Having just completed their theses for their Master's degrees in Food Studies, Teaghan Rose and Amanda Wakefield are already stepping into the next challenge: putting their knowledge into practice in internship placements.

Veronica De Sanctis, head of SIMI's projects, invited Professor Lorenzo Coretti (Director, Communication) to talk about what shapes the narratives on immigration in different countries, with a particular focus on the United States and Europe.

Nineteenth-Century Italian Women Writers and the Woman Question focuses on the literary, journalistic and epistolary production of Italian writer Neera, pseudonym for Anna Radius Zuccari, one of the most prolific and successful women writers of late nineteenth-century Italy.

The singer, songwriter, and visual artist Grimes and tech mogul Elon Musk seemed to many a fairly unlikely pairing. What brought them together was an AI pun that Musk wanted to post on Twitter, only to find that Grimes had beaten him to it by several years. 

Rebecca George and Kristin Lochner, students of the MA in Sustainable Cultural Heritage, recently collaborated with their professor, Barbara Staniscia, for an article on sustainability in the tourist industry that was published in an Italian academic journal for geography teachers. 

Professor Valerie Higgins was recently invited to speak on the podcast 'Cornucopia: Treasures beyond the Grand Tour', a series produced by James Hill in collaboration with loveitaly.

AUR congratulates International Relations & Global Politics professor, Cecilia Sottilotta, on the recent publication of E

1.    You have two ongoing projects, the first being arbitration proceedings on international commercial law before the Milan Court of Arbitration.

One of the challenges of our food system is the loss of biodiversity and in particular of agro-biodiversity.