Cooking lessons at AUR with an Italian chef

The American University of Rome students, staff and faculty have en­joyed great meals at Chef Andrea Con­soli’s Le Fate restaurant on viale Trastevere for years, so the Student Life Office was delighted to be able to arrange regular cooking lessons with its favorite local chef.

In historic Trastevere on Tuesday nights, Andrea entertains students with a fun and informative hands-on les­son in local Italian cuisine. Ingredients are fresh and local, by nature as simple as possible. Andrea’s instructions are sprinkled with loads of knowledgeable advice to help students avoid pitfalls in their home kitchens. By sharing this multi-course meal prepared from scratch with their own hands with the help of Chef Andrea, students enjoy the ultimate authentic Italian experience: a great meal shared in good company.

Having grown up in a restaurant family, Chef Consoli has not only honed his culinary skills in his own Roman family’s restaurants, but has also cooked professionally in the USA and Australia.  These latter experiences enable Andrea to not only share his passion for and knowledge of Roman cooking in English, but they also give him the ability to effortlessly entertain and motivate his students in a second language.  

Volunteering opportunities with AUR Student Life

  • Volunteering at the Roman Jewish Nursery
    Students volunteer to help with kids in a Jewish nursery. They will be working with Italians and taking care of Italian children. At the same time they come in touch with the Jewish community in Rome.
  • ​Playing and teaching basketball to Italian kids at the local parish “Regina Pacis”
    A cultural exchange program with the parish youth via basketball. Our students can play and teach basketball to local kids, and to learn a bit of Italian while teaching a bit of English.
  • Roman Cat Sanctuary at Largo Argentina
    Torre Argentina is home to about 250 feline friends, sheltered amongst the oldest temples in Rome (400-300 BC). You can become a volunteer and feed, clean and look after them. They are a great group of volunteers who work together to raise the quality of life of Rome’s abandoned cats. They look for people who are outgoing and self starters. Volunteers should be ready to roll up their sleeves. Cat care includes cleaning cages and distributing food.
  • Community Service at Caritas Roma
    AUR students have worked community service together with the Caritas Diocesana di Roma (Catholic Charities of Rome), which provides food and shelter to those in need, since 2004.  Student volunteers work in a number of different areas at the Caritas: working on the food line or in the hostel; helping with the distribution of food, sheets and clothing; helping with music or other entertainment.

    Student volunteers must be at least 18 years old and have a little knowledge of Italian. The Caritas needs a commitment of an evening a week, for 4-5 hours. A Service Certificate is issued to each participant at the end of the semester.

    Sign-ups for participation are taken at the beginning of each semester at Student Life; Student Life staff accompanies the volunteers for their first meeting and introduction to the shelter staff shortly thereafter, and maintains contact with the shelter through the semester service.

Italian Language Exchange

The Italian Laguage Exchange activity is designed to help students practice their Italian with native speakers in a fun and friendly environment. It allows students to improve their foreign language conversation skills, learn everyday terms and phrases to enhance their study abroad experience, share their culture and understand Italian culture, and meet locals.