CASA is an action research project and a small scale farm run by Silvia Paolini an agronomist and organic farmer; it grows olive trees, fruit trees and produces a variety of vegetables, aromatic and officinal plants and edible wild herbs for direct selling on the farm. It is adjacent to the old Roman Appian Way in the Appia Antica Regional Park, easily and rapidly reachable by public transport.  

There are many opportunities for hands-on experience with the farm:


Experiential on-farm learning
Sustainable agriculture
Organic farming in Rome
Olive oil production


Support for agricultural activities
Planting and harvesting of crops, management of shrub and tree species, aromatic and officinal species in the open field.

Agroecology and circular economy
Development of regenerative agriculture strategies, compost, bocashi and biochar production and use, implementing biodiversity corridors.  


Small holding success
Hands-on learning in Food Studies
Natural agricultural production
Environmentally sound agriculture


Social agriculture
Support for social farming activities (supporting young people with frailty in the course of horticultural therapy, onotherapy, community building).

Economic sustainability
Farm management, marketing and communications, financial accounting, support to direct sales, market analysis and development.  


Food Studies practical experience
Smallholder farming
MA Food Studies in Rome
Unique university and farm joint venture