Italian officialdom can sometimes be confusing and, when visiting official offices, one should always be prepared for a bit of a wait. Our Admissions & Student Life offices are always available if you require any help.


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Non-EU Citizens: Students Visa & Permit to Stay procedures

Non-EU/EEA citizens and residents must apply for a student visa upon enrollment. After the enrollment deposit has been paid, AUR will provide the necessary documentation for your visa. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the student visa is obtained successfully before arriving in Italy. Please note that it may take several weeks to receive an appointment with the Italian Consulate that serves your jurisdiction.
If you're unsure whether you need a visa, check here.

Important! You cannot obtain your Italian student visa in Rome and you must receive your visa prior to arriving at AUR. Also, remember that each Consulate functions differently so it is important to follow your Consulate's instructions.

Follow these steps to apply for your visa

    Your passport or another official travel document must be valid for a period of 3 months after your departure date from Italy, be issued less than 10 years ago, and have at least two blank pages to affix the visa on.
    Schedule your visa appointment by filling out the questionnaire to identify the Consulate that serves your jurisdiction and follow the instructions on its website to book your appointment. Once you have a confirmed appointment, notify your admissions counselor of your appointment date and time. If your Consulate requires online bookings and no appointments are available, please check the appointment system every day at 12 AM CET for any possible openings after cancelations. If your departure date is imminent, contact the Consulate directly via telephone or email.
    Appointments can fill up quickly, therefore we recommend making an appointment at least two or three months in advance.
    Proof of flights is required for the visa so remember to book your flight prior to your consulate appointment. Some Consulates may require a return flight so we recommend booking a return for the holidays or buying a flexible, modifiable ticket.
    A student visa is never guaranteed and a flexible or refundable flight is strongly recommended.
    For students who enroll in CISI Study Abroad Insurance, you will immediately receive an email confirmation that contains the plan information document, medical ID card, and Consulate letter. The policy can start anytime between August 1st, 2022 through July 31st, 2023.
    For students who intend to use private U.S. or other Non-European medical insurances, you will need to provide a letter summarizing the conditions of the policy, stating its validity in Italy, and clarifying that there are no restrictions on the policy's validity.
    Find the list of required documentation on your Consulate's website and make copies of everything before your appointment as the Consulate may ask you to hand over the originals. It is recommended that you maintain scanned copies of all documents personally as well.
    On average, you will receive your visa approximately two to three weeks after your visa appointment. Once you receive it, kindly send a scanned copy to

Permit to stay. Immigration process after your arrival.

Upon arrival in Italy, non-EU/EAA students will need to acquire a permesso di soggiorno (Italian permit to stay) to legally reside in Italy.

Prior to your arrival in Rome, you must gather all required documentation and complete the registration.

During Orientation Week, you must go to the Italy4You Permit to Stay desk to complete the process and pay a fee of €173. Cash or Paypal payments are accepted.

Please note that the process needs to be completed within 8 working days of your arrival. If you arrive earlier than Orientation Week, then you must make your own arrangements.

Please read the Permit to Stay Quick Facts and the Permit to Stay Procedure Document for more detailed information and instructions. Contact for any questions.

It is your responsibility to process your first permit to stay and renewals. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from AUR.



Non-Italian EU Citizens: Registration upon arrival

All non-Italian, European citizens who plan to study in Italy for more than three months do not need to apply for a student visa and are only required to provide the Registry Office (Ufficio Anagrafe) with the reason for staying in Italy and your local address.

Here is the documentation needed to Register your Presence

  • A valid European Union ID/Passport (bring a photocopy as well)
  • A copy of the health insurance. You can use your National Health Service Insurance Card that entitles you to medical and hospital assistance throughout the European Union. Make sure to bring this card to Italy.
  • A bank statement or other document that demonstrates you have the financial means to support yourself
  • A copy of the AUR enrollment letter
  • Please note that there are several Registry Offices in Rome and you must register your presence at the Registry Office that serves your local jurisdiction in Italy. For guidance and assistance in identifying your Registry Office, contact the Student Life Office at

See more useful information on this website Polizia di Stato.



Italian law requires that all non-Italian students living in Italy have medical insurance. Additionally, emergency medical treatment is provided to Italian and foreign nationals, regardless of insurance coverage. However, any treatment received in Italian Emergency Rooms is subject to a fee. If follow-up care is required, the hospital will ask for proof of insurance. Policies on public hospital charges vary from region to region.

Though students can use European National Health Insurance cards or other private health insurance plans, it is recommended to enroll in AUR's CISI Study Abroad Insurance which offers highly comprehensive health travel insurance coverage and fulfills your immigration requirements.

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