I.  Novel Foods:  Consumption and Nutrition. Chair: Dalia Mattioni

Student Assistants:

Stella Barackov, Alyssa Perez, Janet Yator


Roberta Alessandrini, Mhairi K. Brown, Sonia Pombo-Rodrigues, Sheena Bhageerutty, Feng J. He and Graham A. MacGregor

The healthiness of plant-based meat products available in the UK  


Cynthia Faviero Lopes*,  Xavier Gellynck, Marcia De Barcellos

Nudging The Consumption of Alternative Proteins in the Context of Circular Economy - A Qualitative Assessment

Silvia Massa*, Ombretta Presenti*, Gian Paolo Leone, Raffaela Tavazza, Mariella Nocenzi*, Arianna Calderamo

How acceptable is sustainability? First evidence from the project “Vegetable cells for manufacturing high nutritional value food! (VEG4FUN)

Cristina Maria Ostermann, Hans de Steur and Marcia De Barcellos

The effect of normative conflict on meat consumption behavior: a mixed-method study.  

Cinzia Piatti

Hemp food – preliminary insights from the project “Tastino” – consumers’ acceptance?

Ying Zhu* & Toritseju Begho*

Novel foods consumption: Chinese consumers’ perception, acceptance and influencing factors for purchase intentions

Presenters are identified in bold print. Asterisk indicates online participation.


II. Novel Foods: Consumption and Place. Chair: Alice Dal Gobbo

Student Assistants:

Aubrey Arnt, Patricia Cacho


Juliana Ardenghi and Rui M. Sá

An Ethnographic Assessment of Two Brazilian Novel Foods in Portugal

Elena Azzini, Lorenzo Barnaba, Ilaria Peluso, Federica Intorre, , Eugenia Venneria, Maria Stella Foddai, Donatella Ciarapica, Francesca Maiani, Anna Raguzzini and Angela Polito

An Italian Picture on Total and Plant Protein Consumption and non-Communicable Disease Risk

Tom Bry-Chevalier*

Comparing the potential of meat alternatives for a more sustainable food system  

Nancy Chen 

Functional Food Innovations for Sustenance and Sustainability across Asia

Alice Dal Gobbo and Francesca Forno*

Good for thee and not for me. A pilot study into cultivated meat potential eaters.

Sarah Najera-Espinosa

Mapping the evidence of novel plant-based foods: A systematic literature review on its nutritional, health, and environmental impacts

Vitoria Lucia Silva de Moraes* Camila Maranha Paes de Carvalho; Luciene Burlandy  

Produtos “Plant-Based”: Discursos sobre Alimentacao e sustentabilidaded no Brasil   

Presenters are identified in bold print. Asterisk indicates online participation.


III.   Innovation, Regulation and Institutionalization. Chair: Bálint Balázs

Student Assistants:

Julie Cheek, William Laumann, Mimi Veness


Richard Campbell & Samia Kirchner*

Geological Agriculture.  New forms of intellectual property in food and implications for food security

Kamila Guimaraes Schneider*and Sergio Schneider

New Foods, New Dilemmas: A study on the Typology of Foodtechs in Brazil

Pietro Iannetta, Marta W. Vasconcelos, Bálint Balázs

Novel food development based on underutilised crops

Helio Junqueira*

The institutionalization of the plant-based products industry in Brazil: narrative disputes about the role of agribusiness in national food security  

Jean Pierre Medaets*and Sergio Schneider 

Governance in disruptive food transitions: the timeliness of participation   

Alessandra Narciso

Food safety, food security, and proprietary rights: The EU legislative and policy framework

Helen Rogers* and Manoj Dora

Unravelling the green credentials of alternative protein product supply chains using the example of peas

Ezgi Yildirim*

The Relationship Between Efficiency and Sustainability in Agrofood: Soilless Agriculture  

Presenters are identified in bold print. Asterisk indicates online participation.


IV.   Social, Cultural, and Ethical Implications. Chair: Valentina Peveri

Student Assistants:

Isaiah Mack, Taylor Johnson, Mary Solomon


Amy Bentley

Food that acts like other food:  a history

Molly Bond*

Un-earthing synthetic biology ‘natural products’.  A global ethnography of stevia /ka’a he’ ê                                            

Elena Bossini, Fabio Bacchini,  Andrea Borghini

Meat Alternatives: The Ethics of Imitation

Cliffton Cross* and Maggie Mills*

Advancing First Nations’ Food Sovereignty: A Case Study from Frog Lake First Nations

Flavio Lupia 

Rooftop rainwater harvesting: an option for sustainable irrigation in urban agriculture


Louise Manning, Michael K. Goodman*, Tom MacMillan*, Alex Sexton,  Illtud Dunsford, John Dooley*, Lisa Morgans,   David Rose 

Contested farmers’ narratives on the opportunities and threats of the emergent technology of cultured meat

Imam Mukhlis*, Isnawati Hidayah,  Diah Wahyuningsih, Nila Cahayani, Nabil Rafif

CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) as a novel way to produce sustainable food for people in peri-urban based on circular value chain  

Jennifer Harumi Tanaka*

Food activism and social movements in Brazil: Movimento do Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) and Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores (MPA) experiences  

Presenters are identified in bold print. Asterisk indicates online participation.