Students’ Service and Emotional Support Dogs Policy

The American University of Rome supports students’ use of service and emotional support dogs on campus. It recognizes, however, the health and safety risks potentially created by dogs on university grounds and premises. In consideration of the wellbeing and safety of the whole AUR community, this policy sets forth rules and responsibilities of individuals bringing service and emotional support dogs on campus.

Service Dogs:
Service dogs are dogs that have been especially trained to perform a specific task for individuals who have disabilities such as: Visual impairment; Hearing impairments; Mobility Issues (Including Paralysis); Diabetes; Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Cancer; Autism; Epilepsy; Bone and Skeletal (Such as Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, etc.). 

Emotional Support Dogs
Emotional support dogs are dogs that provide comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship for an individual suffering from various mental and emotional conditions. Any dog can be an emotional support dog. These dogs do not have to be professionally-trained and are not required to perform any specific tasks for a disability, like service dogs are. They can assist with various kinds of conditions, such as: Anxiety; Depression; Bipolar disorder; Mood disorder; Panic attacks; Fear/phobias; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Suicidal Thoughts/Tendencies. 

General Responsibilities
Service and emotional support dogs are permitted on campus grounds and into University buildings, provided the dog’s owner follows the rules covered in this policy.

a) Dogs brought on campus must be under the complete control of the owner at all times and present no hazard to people or property. In all cases, the owner of the dog is responsible for the dog’s behavior.
b) Dogs on campus grounds must wear a muzzle at all time, be secured to a leash, cord, chain, or similar direct physical control of a maximum length of six (6) feet, the other end of which must be restrained by the dog’s owner. If this constraint interferes with a dog's work or if the individual's disability prevents using these devices the individual must maintain control of the dog through voice, signal, or other effective controls.
c) Dogs must not be seated on chairs, tables or other university furniture.
d) Dogs must not be tied to a stationary fixture or tree or left unattended on campus.
e) Students may not be allowed to bring their service or emotional support dog into University classrooms or offices if their presence causes distress to other individuals due to allergy, dog phobia or any other negative condition caused by the presence of a dog.
f) No more than one service or support dog per student will be allowed on campus.

University entitlement 

  • The University reserves the right to take action to remove any dog from University premises if the safety of others, destruction of property, or disturbance warrants such removal. The removal of any dog and any necessary cleaning, repairs, and/or pest control will be done at the expense of the owner. The owner may also be subject to disciplinary action.
  • The University may remove a dog (or other animal) confined in a vehicle when there appears to be imminent danger to the animal due to inadequate ventilation or temperature conditions. The University is not liable for any associated repair/damage costs to the vehicle for this action and the animal’s owner assumes full responsibility.
Service/Emotional Support Dogs Application Form

Service/Emotional Support Dogs Application Form


Declaration of responsibility
I, the undersigned, hereby declare to have read and understood the above Students’ Service and Emotional Support Dogs Policy. In particular, I assume full responsibility for what is described in points a, b, c, d, e and f of this policy, and I understand that the University’s has a right to remove my dog from the premises, as per the University Entitlement section of this policy. I also understand that the University has a right to refuse my application if it so deems necessary.

Data Protection
The undersigned PROVIDES his/her voluntary, knowing, informed, specific and express CONSENT to the processing of the data contained in this form and in its attachments, by The American University of Rome, for institutional/administrative/teaching/service-related purposes, connected or relating to activities undertaken by the University to perfect and manage the relationship between The American University of Rome and the matriculated/enrolled student.
Personal data may be disclosed to third parties, and to private and/or public entities, to whom disclosure is required to comply with a legal duty, as well as for institutional activities or those otherwise related to the institution and management of relationship between The American University of Rome and the student.
The persons or categories of persons who might have access to your personal data as data supervisors or processors include:
- employees/associates of The American University of Rome appointed as Data Processors;
- third parties engaged by The American University of Rome to institute/manage the current relationship, appointed as Data Supervisors/Processors;
- Co-Data Controllers, if any;
- The Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Outside the foregoing cases, disclosure of personal data to third parties shall only take place with the student's express consent.
Please note, furthermore, that personal data shall not be subject to dissemination, unless specifically authorized by statute and/or regulations, or with the student's express consent.