Undergraduate tuition and associated expenses

These are the basic costs for full-time undergraduate attendance starting in the Fall semester. If you are starting in the Spring semester you should budget as per below but add the New Student Fee, Permit to Stay and Health Insurance to the 'Spring' column.

We offer a variety of options for full-time students to pay for college; please take a look at our Financial Aid and Scholarships section for details.

If you are looking for costs for Study Abroad/Visiting Students and/or Short Courses - go here.

Tuition and Fees for Undergraduate Students
  Fall Spring Full Academic Year
Full Time Tuition (12-17 credits) €10,500 €10,500 [€21,000]
One-Time New Student Fee €200 0 [€200]
Permit to stay €180 0 [€180]
Health Insurance  *for Fall 2022 on the CISI health insurance is €37 per month €450 0 [€450]
Total: 11,330 10,500 [€21,830]

Housing (optional)

The American University of Rome provides shared housing for those who students who want it. This is completely optional, students are at liberty to find their own accommodation in Rome. However, Students electing university-facilitated housing are placed in furnished accommodation in areas surrounding the university campus. The apartments are located in traditional, well established neighborhoods. This housing is well suited for students looking for a "full immersion" cultural experience.

  Fall Spring Full Academic Year
Housing €3,950 €3,950 [€7,900]
Total: 3,950 3,950 [€7,900]

Estimated Living Expenses

A student's cost of living will, of course, vary dependent on personal lifestyle and preferences. See here for a more detailed breakdown of how we estimated these costs.

  Fall Spring Full Academic Year
Estimated living costs €4,000 €4,000 [€8,000]
Estimated total (inc. tuition and housing) : 19,280 18,450 [€37,730]

The details above cover the main expenses for attendance at The American University of Rome. For peripheral expenses that may apply (dependent on student and program), please see here.

Payment deadlines:

  • Fall tuition  – July 15th
  • Spring tuition – December 1st
  • Summer 1 – April 30th
  • Summer 2  – May 20th

Please note: 

  • The American University of Rome offers tuition in both Euro and Dollars.
  • If you are a U.S. citizen, permanent U.S. resident or a Canadian citizen you must make your payment in U.S. dollars.
  • For all other citizenships please make payments in Euros.
  • If you are a dual national (U.S./Canadian plus other) you may choose between Euros or Dollars.
  • Please note that whichever currency you make your first payment in, you are obligated to continue with that currency for your entire duration at AUR.

Deferred Admission
A student who has been accepted to The American University of Rome but cannot enroll immediately may request a deferral.  Students who wish to defer are required to pay the $/€ 500 tuition deposit.  The payment is non-refundable and will be put towards tuition costs at the time of enrollment.  A deferral can be granted up to one academic year after which the student must re-apply for admission to the University.
Enrollment deposit payment deadline for new students
Fall  May 1st
Spring Within 2 weeks of Acceptance Notification

For information on Graduate Tuition and Fees please see the information on the Graduate School web site.