US education enjoys a very high reputation around the world.

Classes at American universities overseas are taught entirely in English, which means you can be confident of moving forward with your studies and also enjoying a new country or city before you are fluent in another language. And of course, the majority of American universities in Europe are accredited in the United States - which means you can transfer the credits from your classes here to a US-based institution with ease. The American University of Rome is fully accredited in the United States - accredited universities carry a better reputation than unaccredited ones when applying to graduate schools and for jobs, which is important if you plan to continue studying or working in the US.

Why study at The American University of Rome?

Choices that matter

At the American University of Rome, you will work with individual, experienced faculty to develop a degree program that is unique - a program which will enable you to explore new areas of study and new ways of thinking. Your degree program will be tailored to your interests and your chosen career path. You will also be given the room to experiment with disciplines that you may not have considered before. 

Community support 

AUR is a small, integrated community and at the heart of an AUR Liberal Arts education is the ethos of immediate and available support structures. You will work closely with tutors, support staff, and your fellow students to enhance your university experience. You will work with tutors to select modules, develop new approaches and think about conducting work across disciplines. Interaction, debate, and knowledge sharing with other students both in and out of class will introduce new directions in your thinking and your cultural awareness.

Enterprise and innovation

Undertaking an AUR Liberal Arts degree introduces a way of learning that connects ideas and experiences to create innovative, entrepreneurial solutions. You will develop an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and to how you can use concepts from across different subjects to think differently and think creatively.

Communication and collaboration

At AUR, students who study politics and economics share ideas with students of film and media, or those who focus on literature and storytelling. This interdisciplinary approach formulates new connections and enhances communication skills. As a result, AUR graduates are sought after for their acknowledged skills, knowledge, and confidence. 

Cultural and travel opportunities

AUR's unique location, overlooking the Eternal City, means that, for many students, their entire university experience is intertwined with becoming part of a new culture and a new location. AUR housing is not in segregated dormitories but in real Italian apartments in real Roman neighborhoods. But AUR offers much more; Our exemplary Internship program allows you to gain experience and skills with local & international businesses, charities, and institutions while our AURA Study Abroad Program gives you the opportunity to study in various locations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Adaptability to the future

An AUR degree gives you the opportunity to build upon your passions - whether that be for a future career of for post-graduate study - but above all, an AUR degree will give you the skills and the confidence to adapt to a future where many of the career opportunities that present themselves will be for jobs that currently don't exist and to a labor market that is constantly evolving. 

And then, of course, there's Rome...