AUR Alumni come from and live all around the world. Our mission at the Alumni Relations Office is to strengthen the bonds with and between our Alumni, acting as a liason for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, opportunities and memories. AUR is not only an academic institution, it is a place where many have found lifelong friends and lifechanging experiences. But why do we want to re-connect with our Alumni? Because we believe that our community is our greatest asset, and we are proud to say that our Alumni are a huge part of that community.

The American University of Rome’s Office of Alumni Relations:

  • Keeps Alumni informed about programs and activities of the University;
  • Creates connections between people who share AUR experiences;
  • Organizes events around the world aimed at strengthening the bonds between Alumni and AUR;
  • Listens to Alumni;
  • Showcases stories of personal and professional success of Alumni.

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